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Oct 13, 2022
  • Cities: Skylines
I'm new to EoS.
Have taken over most of Chinatown but the Gang Los Luceros has two areas left. I can't take them over due to some truce. I have broken all business deals with them, but I can't declare war.

Secondly I am stuck.
I can't attack one are where there is a supply line - I took over all buildings but in the area where the supply line goes to, THERE IS NO SAFEHOUSE... So I'll take out all rackets and nothing happens... The other direction where I have a supply line, there's a gang I have a truce with without knowing how...

I need help. How do I start a war with someone I have a truce with? Can I make a gang hate me, get bad rep with them? Why can't I attack guards even if I have no beef with them...