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Hey all!

I'm currently working on a mod to replace the Workshop tree with the Dreadnought's Foundry tree for Dreadnoughts. Whilst I've transferred across all the effects, I just can't seem to remove the Workshop buildings from the game no matter what I try!

Currently, I have created a player class skill "Is Dreadnought Skill" that gives the player property: city property "Is Dreadnought City Property" that links to the city property "Is Dreadnought City". Is Dreadnought Skill is assigned to and is a default skill for the Dreadnought class, and Is Dreadnought City is set as a forbidden city property for the Builder's Hall/Siege Workshop/Master's Guild...

Yet when I start a Dreadnought game, the Builder's Hall is still listed in the buildable upgrades?

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance!