help needed with Modding: How to increase mapsize ?

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Zât-i Muhterem

Feb 27, 2018
Hi forum, I hope it's okay to open this thread. Anyway, so I was trying to mod the map, but encountered a big problem. Basically, my aim is to increase the map size from 5616 x 2160 pixels to 8424 x 3240 pixels. I did make some test maps and replaced the relevant .bmp files in the /map folder to try out how the game reacts to these new files. It seems to work fine, except for one thing: The terrain is completely ruined. Everything either becomes 100 % Arctic or PTI or a combination of various random terrains.

It seems as though the definitions for each terrain type was changed somehow, even though I didn't even touch the terrain.txt file. I only edited the .bmp files. The definition of the terrain type "desert" f.e. is 220 210 0, but when I color a province with that color, it's shown to be "Arctic" instead. I'm confused, to say the least. I have no idea how and why this happens.

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed it myself. Is this forum dead ? It's sad, but I guess people lost interest in EU3 completely.
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