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Dec 18, 2009
Hello there.

So in short; My friend and I are going to play HOI II Iron Cross V.1.2. In the upcomming vacation.
He will be the Sovjet Union, and I the Americans.

But I need you help, or advice!

He is ALWAYS bulding great masses of infantery with rocket artillery, and lots of
tanks with SP rocket artillery. Most of the time is heavy, but he will also use some light, and
medium tanks. And ofcause garrisons to the conquered lands.

Air Force;
He will place AA guns in as many terroriries as possible, and he will ignore been bombed,
unless it is very heavy bombartment. Then he will bulild perhaps 30-50 Intercepters and
shoot down the bombers.

After conquering "enough" he will mass produce carriers, and battleships, and transport ships, then he will cross the ocean with his armour and infantery.

In Combat
He will almost never stop and plan his offensives, he will always just push ahead with his armour in front, and his infantery following behind. And due to the amount of his armour,
he is very fast to surrond and conquer lands.

His tactics
He is very, very aggrasive, and will assault, annex, and garrisonise all of Europe, mostly before 1936-37. And leave England isolated and weak.
It is very likely that he will make Scnadinavien as a puppet.

He will almost never research airforce.
During the early years in the game, he will constantly research one navy thing at the time. Mostly carriers, battleships, or doctrins.
But his absoutly main focus is on researching infantery, tanks, and rocket artillery.
He will also aim for researching ICBM, in order to hit my industry.
We agreed not to use ant nukes.

For as long as it is possible, he will try to milk all other contries in the world for oil, especially Venezuela!

What I will do;

Maybe.......I will make a smaller but better army, with marines, and paratroopers, all with rocket artillery, And a lot of light panser to outran him?

Air Force
I will make lots of tactical bombers, CAS, and some stretegic. To hit him hard from the air, because he dont really uses airforce, + I can do a lot of logistical damage to him.

I will make some great fleets, with carriers, and battleships. But how do I destroy carriers, and battleships, without loosing my own?
And I will never fight on open see, because I need navy bombers to support my ships.

I was thinking on declearing war against Venezuela rather quickly so I can annex them, and disrupt his oil supplie?
But that else?

What do YOU think I should do?

Please help me, tell me what you would do, would you do anything diffrent??

Regards Gornak
Nov 13, 2005

post at this site. no one uses paradox forum anymore. There is limited free speech on this foru and no one ever comes here anymore.

So pop over to ederons and well help you out.