[HELP] Looking for help on making a ship set replacer

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Apr 26, 2007
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Hey all, with 3.0 and Nemesis out I want to play a Vanilla+ (just non-checksum changing mods) to see if I can get some new achievements. The only thing is, I don't really want to use a vanilla ship set. I've spent several hours today trying to convert Cheek's awesome Federation Builders shipset into a humanoid replacer using the Sins of the Prophets achievement edition as a guide but I'm getting no where. I've edited the asset files to match the syntax from the Sins one but none of the models are changing for me. I'm giving up for now and heading to bed and will start trying again tomorrow after I get out of work but hoping someone can shed some light on it for me. Using the science ship as an example:

The Sins mod has it as
entity = {
name = "mammalian_01_science_ship_entity"
pdxmesh = "unsc_01_science_mesh"

I've matched it with
entity = {
name = "humanoid_01_science_ship_entity"
pdxmesh = "css_fedbuild_01_science_mesh"

But saw no changes. I've done that for all the ships and stations but they still show up as the Humanoid versions.