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Oct 9, 2014
1) 5 enemies are marked as "?" in the data list. Camera, turret, destroyer, blue walker and the core i guess. All killed still no info update.

2) There are 10 green items in the game, but in data list there is encrypted 11th entry.

3) Some terminals are giving same messages over and over again. Marked as "unread". First level "deadly anomaly" reminder and "funny noise nailgin".

4) Terminals at lvl 9 gives the same information as some terminals at lvl 10 do. Terminal at level 9 gives "hostile human combatant threat at lvl 10". Same message goes when you are at lvl 10. Completed A and B levels but still have some story messages marked as "??????????". That's because of that i guess. There should be another messages for level 9 but game messed up with story files i guess.

5) Was playing arena 2-8 and some swarm bot spawned behind indestructible wall i suppose. Got the sound of it bzzzin around but can't reach it.

6) All info pages become empty sometimes when i start the game(some errors with getting info from cloud i guess). I restarted and info list was back. BUT when i played arena for the last time, changed some options, restarted the game all my arena progress saving was gone. Enemy and weapon lists too. Restarts changed nothing. But when i pick up some already known item i got whole info(like pick up pipe - list updated, all recipes for item "pipe" are visible now) on that item back again.

Info: Teleglitch: DME + guns and music dlc. Cloud saving is on.

/e completed arena mode(was short, but very much fun), had that nice feeling like completing shadowgrounds/alien shooter addons/crimsonland/serious sam/painkiller on hard. xD Thanks for a good game. Also, death notes are stylish xD a lot of fun.
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Oct 19, 2014
I can confirm:

1) Yes

2) Yes (the last green is the Light Armor, which is un-craftable)

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) Yes, but it's rare.

6) Have had various issues with it not allowing me to see the story notes during a run, even though I've beat the game several times now.