Hearts of Iron IV - Development Diary 60 - Release Week and Beta Hotfix Patch 1.0.1

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Hi everyone and welcome to the 60th dev diary (wow). This week we released Hearts of Iron IV! Initial reception seems to be great. Good reviews and a lot of players playing the game! The team is really pleased with what we have accomplished!

Some fun statistics for first week:
Top nations played:
Germany - 35%
Italy - 13%
Soviet - 10%
USA - 10%
Japan - 8%
United Kingdom - 4%
France - 3.5%

The most played minors seems to be China, Poland and Turkey.

Hotfix 1.0.1
We have been working on a hotfix patch for solving some performance issues and crashes that have popped up. It is still an optional beta patch, and I expect we will make it available for all on monday. If you have issues listed below and want to try it out go here to check things out early: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/hoi4-1-0-1-hotfix-beta-patch.945139/

Changelog for that is:

Stability & Performance
  • Fixed several rare CTDs.
  • Late-game performance optimizations.
  • Large peace conference resolutions are now faster and also properly indicate that they are active to non-participants.
  • Added GUI scaling option for people with very small or very high resolution displays (experimental).
  • Added a max framerate limiting system (defaults to 75 fps) to help people with the combination of bad cooling, great graphics cards and very high screen refresh. If you are one of these with heat issues I would love to hear if this solved it (changing max_fram_rate in settings can let you remove its effect by making it higher, or go lower if you still have issues)

  • Fixed an issue with deploying troops during spanish civil war when continuing savegames.
  • Can now zoom in and out using PgUp and PgDown buttons on keyboard.
  • Stopped an exploit where player could redirect a naval transfer into an invasion without preparation.
  • Fixed a case where fleets who found themselves outside base range would be instantly deleted.
  • Fixed some highlighting issues in tutorial.

  • Added 9 new unique nation leader portraits.
  • Improved some VP/state names in China.
  • Improved a lot of alternate ideology nation names and party/leader names.
  • France can now send volunteers to Spain if they choose the Support Nationalists focus.
  • Fixed many localization issues, both in english and other languages.

Here are some cool portraits @Sideburnout has been adding to the patch to flesh out minors:

Right now we are working on the first proper patch that we plan to release just before vacation in july. You will get more detailed info in coming weeks but the main focus will be:
- AI
- Air warfare balancing
- Making sure invasions are harder to pull off, easier to defend against and more cleverly done by AI
- Improving peace conference scoring
- Quality of life interface improvements
- Bug fixing

Enjoy the game and we'll try to keep up with the amazing activity here on the forum!
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Thanks for a great release! Looking forward to following this game forward. My neighbors are probably starting to worry over the Panserlied playing 24/7 from my apartment though.
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France can now send volunteers to Spain if they choose the Support Nationalists focus.
What about supporting the Republicans? :(

Also, please switch the colors back to how they were in older games... yellow for Nats, and orange for Reps (and default Spain).
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Thanks for the beta patch, though I don't personally need it.

For me, HOI4 has been the best 1.0 release I've played from Paradox. :)

I do greatly look forward to the UI scaling, UI improvements, and AI improvements. The game is currently very fun, but it could easily become my favorite Paradox game with some polish.
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have you guys noticed that the german ai on historical mode often attacks switzerland and/or finland?

A few hands-off games will probably have it happen
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Firstly, I like the game tough I have to "unlearn" my HOI3 reflexes. Once you catch how things works (like defining fronts or drawing follow-up attacks) its quite good.

Now some things can be balanced/enhanced.

Some balancing of seemingly overpowered port strike should be considered in the Air Warfare balance.

And Naval Warfare balance? Submarines also seems a bit overpowered against ships (against convoys is OK).

And what about avoiding AI naval doomstacks (as well as human ones), notably with growing penalties (diminishing returns) ?

For the record, I met a 134 ships Italian fleet who sunk 24/27 of my ships, without losing a single destroyer.

Quality of life interface improvements!

You will find many good ideas in the Steam workshop mods. More visible/contrasted zones/states borders, less minuscule counters, coloured buttons, etc...

My priority would be to make the divisions selected more visible over the others. Now we barely see which ones are chosen.
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I wouldn't say the reception has been great. There's been a lot of criticism by users and reviewers alike.
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Great game release and loving that you guys are on top of the bugs! Very much looking forward to upcoming DLCs and patches to make the game even better!
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Amazing launch guys. Loving the game, I have played and lost two italian campaigns, failed one Argentina campaign, and have another argentina fascist run going right now where I have killed about 80 divisions of Americans while trying to unify the continent. It has been absolutely glorious! Thanks so much for changing the names of the different Argentina post revolution counties! All of this on Ironman!
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I didn't bought this yet (too expensive+finals starting) but looks sooooo fun.
Glad we have more portraits, now I can play as a romanian pirate, yay.

Hope that in the time I buy this game, we will already have a fleshed out game.
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Keep up the good support devs :)

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