Hearts of Iron IV - 35th Development Diary - 27th of November 2015

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Hi guys, a bit of a late diary today. We have let in a lot of betas recently and been very busy with that. Today we will be talking about Germany. I'm pretty sure everyone here is aware of Germany's historical role in WW2, so lets jump into details!

Germany is lead by Adolf Hitler who gives them +50% political power gain through his Dictator trait.

Germany starts with two nation spirits:
Bitter Loser (for some reason) making more resistant to people trying to make them move to another ideology and also be able to found their own faction.
General Staff which gives a boost to army organisation and planning speed.


The German army is very weak in 1936. just 30 division and only 3 of these are armoured and only one motorised. Germany will need to build up and to encourage you to do just that we have added in army strength triggers to some of the national focuses. If you wish to pursue the expansionist focuses (more on those in a bit) you will need to hit division size levels to be able to intimidate neighbors like Austria and the Czechs.

The Navy is an even worse state, 2 Battlecruisers, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 6 Light Cruiser, 12 Destroyers and 14 Submarines. With yard space at a premium the German player will have to make hard choices on the navy they want unless they want to invest heavily in naval dock yards. A suggested path is to use surface raiders early on to harass trade lanes of your enemies and later switch to a full focus on submarines.

The Air Force is just over 900 planes, but most of the Fighters and Tactical Bombers are obsolete models, you do have a bit of an edge in fighter tech though.

The German focus tree has some interesting choices over who do you want your friends to be, should you seek friendship with the Czechs or the Poles? Do you bet on Japan or China as your best ally in the East? For those of you who feel the going for Czechoslovakia after the Anschluss is just a little too passé we have added in an additional ahistoric focus option for Germany to carve up Yugoslavia and Greece and win friends at the same time. Hungary, Bulgaria and (depending on the focus choices) Italy are all more than willing to help you liberate Yugoslavia from the Yugoslavs. Every piece of land you hand out will make them like you more.
There are also focuses letting Germany progress faster through doctrines and even focus on their navy (perhaps a popular option once you have dealt with Stalin?", and improving industry and other construction focus.

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Any chance of seeing the bit of the focus tree that's off the bottom of the screen?

Is there an option for Germany to press to have its pre-WW1 colonies returned? (Granted, it's hard to see a player wanting to take this option before the outbreak of war, but it would be a nice touch as there was a constituency calling for it within Germany)
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That is a lot of shaking hands... seems like Germany can play like its the European Union, lol.
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Hurray! 6 hours of waiting for this dev diary, pressing F5 every few minutes in hopes to see it, was worth the wait! :D
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The Anschluss can still be enacted with no care for Italy? Because a hostile Italy will see a replica of 1934, and pre-Anschluss Germany is not Barbarossa Germany.
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Looking at the fortifications, to they have a front or do they protect an area equally from all directions? The sprites for them look a little confused to me.

they protect from all directions, but the more sides you attack from the less fort bonus they give
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