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Anthology consists of:

Hoi2 Doomsday
Hoi2 Armageddon

With Doomsday and Armageddon, Hoi2 extends to 1964, and has a scenario for WW3 called "Doomsday"

It also has two other scenarios, which are set in a crazy alternate history.

There are other little tweaks too, but I cannot remember for the life of me what they are.

Also, they only thng you won't have is the ability to register the game and the special collectors edition medal which some editions have. The game will all be there.
Okay so I'm going to get this for Christmas. Are there enough changes from HoI2 to warrant a manual?
Anthology consists of:

Hoi2 Doomsday
Hoi2 Armageddon

I've just purchased a boxed copy of what appeared to be a repacked and re-released "Hearts of Iron Anthology" under the Coregames label. The disc itself is very bland, and the small text on it identifies the actual distributor responsible for this Australian release to be N3V Games Pty Ltd. While the CD key in the box was a valid Anthology key, and did give me the medal, the disc was not the Anthology as identified on the box, but was actually HoI2 Complete. I already have a copy of the original HoI from the Strategy Pack 6 that was released years back, but I figure this might be something Paradox might want to prod them about.
I just bought Hearts of Iron 2: Complete, on Steam for US $24.99. It works even with my Vista 32 OS, and I dont need a disk to play!!!

I have other games on steam and I have never had any troubles with digital downloads. I think that one day all computer games will be released this way instead of boxed copies because it is cheaper for the developer, safer from pirates, and easier for the consumer.

One thing that the steam version, and most boxed versions are missing is a manual that explains the changes in the expansions. These changes are the main reason I bought the complete version!!!

Here is a list of changes in the expansions from the Hearts of Iron II Wikipedia. Upon closer examination most of the changes seem pretty self explanatory and may not need a manual after all.

Doomsday Changes:
A reworked intelligence model
Improved AI
Additional graphics such as bomber sprites
Escort Carriers
Hospitals that recover manpower losses
A "do not upgrade" button for divisions
The option of automating the production sliders
Submarines have separate stats for convoy raiding and naval combat
An extended time frame — the game end date has been changed to 1953
New technologies to bring the game into the cold war era
An included scenario editor
The ability to trade divisions between nations
The ability to attach escorts while recruiting divisions

Armageddon Changes:
Player can allow or disallow democracies to declare war on the main menu options screen
Player may choose when the time of play will end, ranging as early as 1947 to as late as 1964.
Player may choose to get the full industrial capacity of an annexed country, or not.
Player may choose to use tech teams of an annexed country or not.
New brigade attachments for ships.
Diplomatic option to refuse expeditionary forces from your allies
Enhanced AI
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Uhhhh...this isn't working for me.

When I put the disk in, a grey menu comes up giving me the options of Hoi, Hoi2, DD, and Arma. But when I click on one of them, it says that the Anthology Menu has stopped working. What's going on?