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The Key is probably on a slip of paper inside the box and not on the manual....

Check the advertisements in the box for this.

If you do not find it... consider returning it to whomever sold it to you.
Need help I bought HOI Anthology in Germany is was called second edition and has no medal,map. I know that but there is no key to register it online could someone please help me?

This does not sound right..... Anthology comes with a medal and map.

Can you post a pic of the box here?

I do not know why i am thinking this.. but i am thinking you bought HOI2 Doomsday....(which doesn't have a map and medal)

If so there is no key for that version.
Can either of you post a picture of the box here?
There is nothing to be confused about.... that copy has no manual. Your best course of action is to go back to the shop and ask for a copy with a manual. If they have no copies with a manual ask for a refund.

Go to another shop and order it from their. Ask them beforehand if their copies come with a manual.

Yes... I checked my copy of the ANTHOLOGY. It has a manual with a reg code on the back.

Good luck.
Same as UNeverNo. No medal, no manual.
I asked other gamestores in Finland, but theyhaven't one with them. :(
Any chance to get icon?
I had the same problem also...the first copy i bought had no activation code, map or medal.
I contacted the company which sold it to me and behold I recieved a new copy in the post today with all missing features.
I highly recommend stating in any correspondance with the software company you purchased from that you need the activation code to register the game on the official Paradox forum.
The company said in their reply that i was originally sent a 'new' copy, the replacement is an 'old' copy and thus contains all missing features.
Maybe Paradox can clarify this for us.
I'm assuming you have a receipt from the store (or other proof of purchase), you might try contacting support@paradoxplaza.com

Is this likely to work? I bought the Hearts of Iron 2 Collection and didn't get a manual with it - just a fold out map with the HoI2 world on one side and the EU3 world on the other. I still have the receipt [thank gods I always keep them inside the case!] and could easily take a photo of everything I got.

It's not a huge deal; I can still play the game and everything... but it'd be nice to show Paradox some support by registering it.

EDIT: Daaaamn! I made this account almost six years ago... :eek:
Well, I didn't care all that much about the medal and the map so I'm not too bothered they're not included. That I haven't gotten a manual does bother me. But to cap it all the install menu just crashes when I select a game. NEVER in over a decade of buying Windows games I've witnessed such a shambles. I got to install the game anyway by exploring the CD and clicking setup.exe directly, but it's just astonishing, even by Paradox' sloppy standards, how something this basic got messed up.
Ok, I just bought the Anthology ... and I have the same problem ... no key.

Anyway, for the total newbie, what is the most "complete" game? HOI2 Doomsday? HOI2 Armageddon?