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@Meneth: Could you get someone to look at the issue that I mentioned in post #63 of this thread? There's also a link to the corresponding bug report there.
(It would be nice if at least version 1.4 would come with a fix for this.)
It's a known issue. Not much I can do to get it fixed.
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On these competitions, is it worth giving it a week or two after the launch (perhaps not this time, but generally)?
For EU4, having it start at the same time as the expansion release has worked very well.
It'll last 10 days, so people will have some time to learn the new stuff during the contest itself.
. It'd also be handy to have some idea of what needs updating
The contest will include a lot of specific pages that need updating, and more general categories.
You can read the current contest draft here: http://www.hoi4wiki.com/Hearts_of_Iron_4_Wiki:Contest

Going by the other wikis, the normal trend is that wikis stagnate a bit between expansions. In part due to slowly declining player numbers, and in part due to not that much changing outside expansion patches.
With this contest, the hope is to get the HoI4 Wiki out of that slump, and establish a more solid baseline that is easier to keep updated.
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So when I fix or update something but can't verity that the whole page is current, it would be a misrepresentation to change the update level of the page.
Part of the contest is moving much of the versioning to the section level, to make this kind of situation easier :)
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I've updated the naval section of the France page and added some division name suggestions (for people who want divisions in the correct language) that I use in Vanilla+.

I will update the pages for the other major nations accordingly, if that's okay.
I don't see any problem with that.
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The list of jobs required is a tad confusing as well. I swung by the naval warfare page, and it says it wants more info on naval combat when there's already nearly 3000 words in the naval combat section, and a detailed blow-by-blow of a combat. There could be value in adding a little section on naval combat results highlighting the results details page, but is this what the editors mean (@Meneth ?) by their 'want more detail on naval combat?' comment? I could provide a detailed breakdown of how naval armour and penetration works in the game, but this might be overly dry or detailed, and spending the time to write it up to have it cut would be a bit silly (I'm not looking for things to do - I'm trying to help)
The list of work needed is often a bit outdated, as people usually don't remove stuff from it when they complete a task, if they even know it was a task to begin with.

Such a breakdown sounds like it'd likely be useful.
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I have been told that there is no directory, index, or similar way of being actually able to read through the wiki cover to cover, so to speak, as one might in a manual or a website with a full site map - one must just keep clicking every link until stumbling on unexpected content. Is this true? Or is there some method for reading through and getting the full benefit of the wiki in an orderly progression?
There's an alphabetical index: http://www.hoi4wiki.com/Special:AllPages
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How do I do a wiki word search of a word without a redirect applying? Someone asked in the forum for a detailed description of how to use subject troop recruitment. I recall editing something more detailed than the reference on the Puppet page under advantages of puppets. The search bar does not offer options a search appears to dead-end at Puppets. Thanks.
Search for something that doesn't exist, then use the resulting search bar near the middle of the screen; that one won't redirect.
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Sorry for missing this.
No need to be sorry; it's not as if you're being paid to do this :p
My general expectation of volunteers is that they don't make the wikis worse, and that they follow recommendations from the mods when they're given them.

You're going above and beyond by asking what the right way to do things is :p

Like SolSys says, we appreciate your contribution.
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Going forward, is there value in looking at a different angle for engaging wiki volunteers than a 'quick dash and its done' competition? My feeling (and you'd be far more on top of this than me, so ignore if it doesn't sound useful) is that the wiki would be better looked after if they had someone who looked after specific pages, so a naval expert, an air expert, land warfare, production, etc, who'd be able to update them each patch/DLC, refine them over time and what-have-you. You could then provide rewards to people who did this for 6-12 months (or whatever time period seemed sensible), and then perhaps bonus rewards for people who hung around longer. Note - I'm not fishing for rewards here (you'd probably need to have people minding more than a page or two to be eligible in the first place), just trying to think of ways to get a better result in terms of content breadth, depth and currency.
That kind of user is obviously very useful (we've got a number of them as mods and half-ops), but it is a difficult type of behavior to encourage.

Users who go significantly above and beyond are rewarded, but it is very much an informal mechanism. As an example, note SolSys' avatar and wiki icon; those are one of the rewards.
Making it a formal long-term mechanism would incur all the difficulties of defining what's good or not; that's much easier to do on a short-term scale like we do for the contests.
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The Paradox wikis are running a multi-wiki contest as after the release of both Cradle of Civilisation and Jade Dragon. This contest is available across CK2, EU4, HOI4, and Stellaris wikis.

Prizes include discount vouchers up to 90% off in the Paradox store and the option to win copies of Crusader Kings II, Hearts of Iron 3 Collection, Victoria 2 Complete and Age of Wonders 3.
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Hi, I've been working since 2017 on the French Wiki but today, I erased my Firefox cookies and it seems impossible to log in again : I can still do it without anyproblem on the forums or on the English Wiki, but not on the French : I'm taken to the Login-Paradox Accounts page, and when I enter my password, I get this message :

"Service hostname https://hoi4-fr.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Spécial:Connexion&returnto=Hearts+of+Iron+IV+Wiki not allowed"

I suppose some important data has been erased when I deleted cookies, but I need help to get back to work. Thanks by advance !

Hi I have reported the issue and will have it looked at on Monday, Sorry for any inconvenience.