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The countries page is starting to fill out nicely: http://www.hoi4wiki.com/Countries

Help filling out the individual countries would be appreciated. As an example I've started a page on Norway: http://www.hoi4wiki.com/Norway
A short introduction, the capital, government type, and faction will do.

We might add "governing party" to the template as well, but if so that can easily be added to individual pages in the future.
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You need to create Menus on the left side. ATM you can't get to the countries list from main page.
There will be a list of important pages on the frontpage eventually. Right now there's very few pages though.
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I understand that but for people who go straight to the wiki, they need access to the countries page. Since there is no short cut they have to either Google it or come to this thread to get to there.

Also if you could do more on the Norway one so we can have an template on what to do. Then I will get working on other European countries.
There, it's got a section with important pages now.
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I've started a bit on Germany and France. Just wondering though, is copying and pasting from wikipedia allowed for brief introductions?
Yes. Wikipedia uses the same content license as my wikis.
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The Wiki is looking sweet! More articles have been added and once the game is released you will see it grow even more!
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Why am I redirected to the forums, when I try to log in the wiki?
When you click the log-in button, the following should happend:
  1. You're sent to the Paradox Account log-in (this happens transparently if you're already logged in)
  2. You're sent back to the wiki
  3. If a wiki account already exists for your PDX account, you're logged in. Done
  4. Your forum user name is retrieved
  5. If you have one, a wiki account with that name is created and you're logged in. Done
  6. If not you're sent to the forum to set up a forum account
  7. After that you should be sent back to the wiki and logged in, but I've heard that can fail. That's on the forums' end of things though. If it fails, hitting log in on the wiki once more after setting up a forum name should resolve it
Since you've got a forum account and are presumably already logged into your Paradox Account, you should just be instantly logged into the wiki upon hitting log in though.
Hi @Meneth

Since the wiki will replace definitely the manual (or so I have read), how does this work for other languages? Will the wiki be split or translated somehow? Thanks!
There's 5 translations: German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Russian.
Four of these are live:

The Russian one will go live soon too. Hopefully later today.
After they're all live, language links (as are shown on the translated versions in their sidebars) will be added to the English wiki.
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You are probably aware there is currently not a page for Germany in thye game. I was slightly surprised until I realized you were using a third-party server for the Wiki and those tend to be very cautious about politically-charged content.
Just need someone to make a page. Before release there wasn't enough info for a proper page.


If you look at the Beginner's Guide in the in-game Wiki, it says the 1939 scenario starts on September 1st. I think there may be other references to this as well. The 1939 scenario actually begins on August 14th (though I've no idea why).
The start date was changed slightly before release. Should be corrected, yeah.
OK, but what was the motivation behind changing the initial stance and opening HoI4 wikis in foreign language?
We wanted the game to be more approachable, including to people who'd prefer their own language to English.
This works as a pilot project. Depending on how well it goes, we might do more translations in the future.
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@Meneth any chance you'd be willing to install semantic MediaWiki? Given the statistical nature of HOI4, I think it would help in structuring the data better. If you are not familiar, pls take a look.
I'd need to know what Semantic MW does that'd specifically be useful. It isn't obvious from a cursory look at it.
Not entirely sure the wiki would be an appropriate place for that. The closest the wikis come to that kind of thing is usually having a "Communities" page that list large communities dedicated to the game.
Is there any seperat thread for discussing the wiki? Didn't find anything. A wiki entry I editied got a rewrite request, and I humbly wanted to request help for that. :)
You can discuss the wiki in this thread, or on the talk page of the wiki page in question.
Would the HoI IV wiki be able to cover mods? I'm not au fait with Paradox wikis, so I'm curious whether promotion of community content is considered acceptable. I'm just thinking a synopsis, a few screenshots, and perhaps a link to the mod thread and Steam page. As I say, this is all fairly new to me so I don't know if this is considered the done thing, but it strikes me as being mutually beneficial.
If you feel a page for your mod would be useful, feel free to make one, yes.