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1. Blitz Carnage - Cpt. Easy

Best AAR in term of gameplay
Some others are great , with great writing and there are even some funny ones , but we always know that a player against AI will win
In this one , it was cliffhangers for the last 20 chapters !!
The votes have been tallied. Who had the best Hearts of Iron III AAR in the second half of 2013?

First off, we have a two way tie for third place, each with 6 votes. Ilaruum gets the lone non-German winner with his superb All Alone: A Lithuanian AAR. Joining him for the bronze is [MM]'s Tomorrow the World.

The second place winner seems to be constitutionally incapable of finishing an AAR in less than a year, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Uriah's Doppelganger earned seven votes.

Yet, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, first place belongs to the Captain. Specifically, CptEasy (although he should definitely be a Marshal by now). Blitz Carnage doubled Uriah's total with 14 votes, an impressive achievement.

Congratulations to all the winners! Join us in April for the 2014 1st quarter ACAs, and in the meantime, won't you join us recognizing the best completed AARs in AARland (and two brand new awards as well)? (There are links in my signature!)
Thanks, Pelican Sam, and to all that voted! It is really satisfying and encouraging to get into the same line as CptEasy, Uriah, [MM] and a lot of other great writAARs here.
Congrats to all the winners, expecially CptEasy, and, of course, to all those who spent time during last year to write and share their HoI3 experience !

Congrats to all, and especially Cpt. Easy and Ilaarum for having the only non-German AAR!
Thanks a lot. I am honoured. It is great to have one's work appreciated like this. And thanks especially to Avindian for putting an effort into this. Blitz Carnage, because of its length and intensity, has of course been a not insignificant part of my life during 2012 and 2013. I am happy it's been to the pleasure of others - which is of course the reason I do it in the first place. Over and out.