Head of State/government minister traits and effects

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Head of State/government minister traits, Could a Moderator put into FAQ?

Hey, I really liked the minister FAQ in HOI, and it seems accurate for HOI2 but the new personalities for Head of State and Government need a new one. I used this list from Cluthu's post, but I could have looked up the info in the text. Regardless, thanks Cluthu, I hope your not mad for using it. I did however, add the specific stats and that was time consuming. I can't post in the FAQs, so could a moderator move this into there. Feel free to reneame the threat and delete this paragraph, but I've been wainting so long for this Faq I figured I'd better do it myself rather than ask someone else to do it. Hope I've made myself useful.

Head of State

Power-Hungry Demagogue;
Peacetime Belligerence –0.5 per month
Wartime Belligerence +0.2 per month
Alliance Chance with Dictatorships +50%

The Power-Hungry Demagogue is an angry vengeful man full of hatred. However he possesses a demonic charisma that enchants the frustrated masses. He has but one real purpose and that is to control and shape the world into one of his liking.

Barking Buffoon;
Org. Regain –5%
Peacetime Belligerence –0.4 per month
Relations Chance with Democracies +30%

The Barking Buffoon is a great political dramatic actor. People see him as a strong and competent leader who will save the nation and restore it to its historical greatness. But behind his mask of bombastic rhetoric hides a weak-minded, vain simpleton. Those who really know him, know he is an incompetent man.

Stern Imperialist;
Unit Build Costs -10%
Consumer Goods need -5%
Dissent +20%

The Stern Imperialist is a staunch nationalist. He is neither charming nor an administrative genius. However he has one big asset, namely his fanatical determination to improve his nation's status. He will use any means to achieve that goal, be it political or military.

Ruthless Powermonger;
Infantry Construction Bonus -25%
Militia Construction Bonus –25%
Chance to be Coups’ed -80%
Unit Org –10%
Money from Consumer Goods -25%

The Ruthless Powermonger treats his country and his people as personal possessions. He is completely unscrupulous and he will let nothing stand between him and his goals. Sometimes he can develop a streak of paranoia which will endanger friend and foe alike.

Autocratic Charmer;
Consumer Goods needed -5%
Dissent -10%
IC -10%

The Autocratic Charmer uses his charisma and ruthlessness to stay in power. He charms friend and foe alike and is an excellent negotiator. However, day-to-day governing is not his style and corruption flourishes under his rule.

Resigned Generalissimo;
Dissent +10%
Money from GC -10%
Supply prod +10%
TC bonus +15%

The Resigned Generalissimo came to power to save his country from the ruin of anarchy and popular sentiment. He is tired of political bickering and tries to run the country as he used to command his regiment. Still, he is a competent and decisive man.

Benevolent Gentleman;
Dissent -10%
Consumer Goods Need –5%
Belligerence needed for DoW +20%

The Benevolent Gentleman is charismatic and a master at winning elections. However, he lacks the character to be truly successful at the nation's helm. When things get rough, he merely smiles and waits out the winds of political opinion.

Weary Stiffneck;
Diplomatic costs +10%
Org. Regain +5%

The Weary Stiff-Neck is not the right man for this job. He tries to compensate for this with an aristocratic manner and stiff-necked acting. When it comes to politics he is weary and indecisive, always fearing that his lack of talent will show through his façade.

Insignificant Layman;
Dissent +5%
Money from Consumer Goods +5%

The Insignificant Layman lacks any kind of ambition or political interest. The only reason people do not move against him is that he is fairly harmless and there is no better replacement.

Die-hard Reformer;
Consumer Goods Need –10%
Belligerence needed for DoW –15%
Money from Consumer Goods -25%

The Die-Hard Reformer wants to promote his political values and preferred system of government to other countries. He is willing to intervene politically and military to achieve his goals.

Pig-headed Isolationist;
Money from Consumer Goods +25%,
Belligerence needed for DoW +30%

The Pig-Headed Isolationist is determined to keep his country out of war, and the mess of international politics. He might like or dislike international cooperation, but it is always national autonomy that is his goal.

Popular Figurehead;
Dissent –50%
Consumer Goods Need +10%

The Popular Figurehead has little power due to the system of government in his country. But due to his popularity, any firm statement of his will have to be taken into consideration by those who have power in the country.

Head of Government

Silent Workhorse;
IC +5%
Diplomatic Costs +20%

The Silent Workhorse compensates for his lack of charisma with hard work and competence. He rarely takes pride of place, instead letting the Head of State shine in the sun while he gets the job done.

Naive Optimist;
Belligerence needed for DoW +10%
Consumer Goods need -10%

The Naive Optimist is a competent administrator and politician. However, he often succumbs to wishful thinking and fails to grasp the traps which have been laid for him.

Flamboyant Tough Guy;
Alliance with Similar Ideologies +50%
Leader Skill Efficiency -10%

The Flamboyant Tough Guy is a natural leader and a real fighter. He will try to avoid conflict but, if forced to, he will fight to the bitter end. His showmanship generates many creative ideas which he will defend with the stubbornness of a mule, whether they are good or bad.

Happy Amateur;
Dissent -10%
Money from Consumer Goods -5%

The Happy Amateur got his position by pure chance and knows nothing of politics or government. However overwhelmed by the surprise of being in office, his ever-smiling face gives him an aura of confidence. Luckily for him, the people are unaware of his staggering incompetence.

Backroom Backstabber;
Chance to be Coups’ed -30%
Coups Cheaper 900 (1000)
IC -5%

The Backroom Backstabber is a political veteran with years of experience as a party whip and senior party member. No intrigue will oust him and no foreign government can topple him. Foreign governments have to be very cautious around him though.

Smiling Oilman;
Alliances –20%
Oil Production +10%

The Smiling Oilman is a self-made man and a former CEO of a large Oil Company. His experience, and some say his money, have brought him into office. However, he lacks political skill and is a novice in the international arena. At least he is thick-skinned, competent and a fast learner.

Old General;
INF Construction Bonus -5%
MNT Construction Bonus -5%
MIL Construction Bonus -5%
CA Construction Bonus +5%
CL Construction Bonus +5%
DD Construction Bonus +5%

The Old General was appointed because of his powerbase and sometimes because of his glorious past. Not very interested or skilled in politics, he pursues his foremost interest: the state of the Army.

Old Admiral;
CA Construction Bonus -5%
CL Construction Bonus -5%
DD Construction Bonus -5%
TAC Construction Bonus +5%
ESC Construction Bonus +5%

The Old Admiral was appointed because of his powerbase and sometimes because of his glorious past. Not very interested or skilled in politics, he pursues his foremost interest: the state of the Navy.

Old Air Marshal;
TAC Construction Bonus -5%
ESC Construction Bonus -5%
INF Construction Bonus +5%
MTN Construction Bonus +5%
MIL Construction Bonus +5%

The Air Marshal was appointed because of his powerbase and sometimes because of his glorious past. Not very interested or skilled in politics, he pursues his foremost interest: the state of the Air Force.

Political Protégé;
Dissent -5%
Consumer Goods Needed +3%

The Political Protégé is a political crony, a confidant of the Head of State. He is neither very liked nor very competent. He was chosen because he was loyal and had a large net of contacts.

Ambitious Union Boss;
Consumer Goods Need -15%
Dissent +5%
Money from Consumer Goods -30%

The Ambitious Union Boss is a harsh man who turned to politics to get the power to change things. He is still a man of the working class but his new environment has curbed his radicalism. He is a tough negotiator but lacks administrative skill. His background is also a liability in some circumstances.

Corporate Suit;
Money from Consumer Goods +50%
Dissent +10%
Unit Build Costs +5%

The Corporate Suit has spent his life in the business world, far away from politics. He was originally brought in as an independent minister, but due his competence and cooperation skills he has reached the top. He has formed a large network of contacts, but he is out of place in politics.
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