HBS Dev Diary #12 - Mechs and the City

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Aug 25, 2018
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Reposting this from the HBS Battletech International Facebook group...

HBS team...
I just wanted to say how amazing the new urban biome is. You rock! I love how it looks, how it plays, and how my mechs are constantly smashing random objects.

I forced myself to go on hiatus for a few months so I would have time to prep for a convention... so this weekend was my first experience with Urban Warfare.

My first urban battle was a three-way fight that caught me off guard, forcing me to backtrack. It made me rethink my whole battle plan, trying to get the 3rd party to shoot at my targets instead of me.

My second urban mission was a defend base, a half-skull above my lance value. The building layout forced me to pick a side and push hard. I picked the side with the enemy light lance, and managed to put off fighting the enemy medium lance until the last two turns. The mission culminated in a fighting retreat down a back alley, with my still-armored mechs shifting to the other side to take on the enemy mediums. At the end of it I was putting my overheating Firestarter in the path of the enemy Griffin, racing to take it out before the buzzer. I pulled off a win, and got my first Griffin part for my trouble. In the final tally, it cost me half of a Javelin, a pilot injury, and two weeks' worth of repairs.

Did I mention how cool it looks at night?