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Aug 30, 2011
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I start a game as Brandenburg. The offer of the Hochmeister to buy some provinces fires almost immediately. Wolfgast has only Verden as an ally, Stettin still has none, so I can conquer Pommerania immediately, don't even need allies. Can follow it up with conquering Danzig, Konigberg and Memel with Polands help. Prussia is in the bag.

Want to feed Ansbach a bit in case the personal union fires. Saxony is allied with Anhalt, Rothenburg and Nurenburg, so I hope to feed Coburg and one of those free cities in the war. During the war the Personal union fires, which is bit of a bummer as I hoped I could just feed Ansbach alll the AE, but should at least be doable timing wise. During the war Thuringia does their independence declaration (is this new? I thought AI subjects didn't declare if their overlords are in war), which seems a bummer, but their support is Wurzburg who owns 2 of the provinces I need, so there is still hope. Wurburg annexes Rothenburg, which is great. Declare on Wurzburg. End of story, got all the Franconian conquest required with a month to spare. There's a small coalition against me, which seem unlikely to fire. Have 2 former free cities for the price of 1 AE wise.

I don't think I've ever been so lucky with the combinations of events, alliance networks and AI actions in this game. I realize nobody cares, but still wanted to share. And maybe people can share their lucky breaks.

Edit: Facetting event fired for Danzig, this is getting ridiculous.
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I've had the same experience with Austria my current run. I'm 20 years in and have 6 PU. I mean, sure, I made the Bohemia one happen. But, I got the Hungary one automatically. I got a chance for Milan and took it. Then they just started showering on me.......Naples, Castille, England.

I'm not even sure what I'm doing here now. But, France and the Ottomans will be sad regardless I imagine. They did ally already.
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No, I haven't.

I find all my Brandenburg games are pure misery in RNG. The Neumark event takes forever to fire, Wolgast allies Poland + Burgundy. I get cursed with terrible rulers. Then I'm unable to feed Ansbach and have to deal with the AE from failing the mission.

Legit had better RNG playing Hisn Kayfa than Brandenburg, but it's probably just me.