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- Your device (and model)
- The iOS version you are running
- What you were doing when it crashed / you encountered the bug
- Any screenshots you may have
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Jun 2, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 w Spen.

My prison (15 prisoners small ik) seems to be stuck at a high saftey level. In prisoner needs all needs are good except saftety, tried hiring more guard, tried firing them all. Hired armed guards, reduced all punishment to none to no avail. I'd love to provide a picture or crash details but i got frustrated and deleted the prison LOL but let me know if u want some more info.

Also, my janitors dont want to seem to do anything, ive got a cleaning cupboard but they seem to hang out by the storage area (some do actual cleaning though its rare, and prison laundry is always done)
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