Has anyone hit this invisible city bug before? [resolved]

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I'll report this when I have a bit of info, but I loaded my game (that I started yesterday), and one of the Free Cities is completely invisible. I has no borders, no name, no leader icon, etc. All the other cities in the game appear normally, it's just this one city. If I try to move onto any of its structures, I get the "do you want to declare war?" prompt, like normal, and their border appears for a second, then fades away.

I tried toggling the city borders, etc off and back on again to see if it would fix it, but it didn't.


  • 2024-03-01 14_18_58-Window.png
    2024-03-01 14_18_58-Window.png
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I just attached another screenshot. You can see how in the strategy map, the name and icon for my city appears, but not this Free City. But the border does appear in this view.


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    2024-03-01 14_24_17-Window.png
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