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Jan 11, 2014
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A few quick search efforts do not reveal any references here to usable/downloadable keymap templates for the above-mentioned handhelds.

I know it’s madness to try to play these games on such small screens using the units’ controls, but does anyone here have some good basic suggestions? Just a starting point, for optimal map moving around and zooming, that would be great!

Thanks in advance! I’d take CKIII and Victoria 3 as my main targets.
I'm playing on steam deck. while it won't be 100% the same for ROG ally or Legion but the same principle still applies

First off, ROG Ally doesn't have track pads and this will make CK3 very uncomfortable to play because A LOT of things must be clicked by 'mouse'. Using thumbstick for mouse movement is crazy innacurate

Legion should be better since it has right track pad

the must have mod is "Better UI scaling". It's a godsend for small hand held screens

Here is my setup:

Right trackpad - mouse movement
Left trackpad - f1-f9 menu (not usable on legion or ROG ally)
Right thumbstick up-down - zoom in/out
Left thumbstick - scroll map left-right-up-down

Right trigger - left click
Left trigger - right click

Right bumper - pause/unpause
Left bumper - "b" - view previous

Button pad
A - enter (functions as "confirm" in many menus
X - F
Y - G
B - Escape (closes menus)

Directional pad
Up click - realms
Up double click - duchies
Up long click - kingdoms

Down click - cultures
Down double click - faiths
Down long click - houses

Right click - county income
Right double click - development
Right long click - control

Left click - terrain
Left double click - governments
Left long click - court languages

right settings button
click - escape
double click - title search
long click - character search

left settings button
click - tab (current suggestions)
long click - outlier

back buttons
left button - reduce speed
right button - increase speed
In your case it could be right thumbstick left and right
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