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Good evening.
No idea if someone still reads this but I have a problem with adding
the hall of lords to single mission maps.

I found this in another thread:
Also in the .mi file of maps folder:

{buildings ""}
			{commodity "hall_of_lords"
				{building_base {entity_base {cost}
						{is_enabled [COLOR="Red"][B]{value 0}[/B][/COLOR]    [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][B]<== Delete that to enable Hall of Lords so that we can show off our heroes in multiplayer games :)[/B][/COLOR]
I know that it worked with the classic Majesty2 years ago but I have tried it with
the Steam Version of "Majesty 2 Collection" and it didn't work.

What I have done:
1.) Opened resource_patch.pak and copied the .mi files from the single missions to resource.mod
2.) Changed the stuff chazzy13th mentioned in the quote above

As said earlier, it doesn't work.
But editing other buildings works, so the game reads the modified .mi file.
(I could disable other temples etc.)

Anyone has an idea why the hall of lords couldn't be enabled?
Did I miss any other file that must be edited?

Thanks for any useful comment or hint.