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I intend to inherit Bohemia, gain Hungary and perhaps expand in to Germany. I'll have a vote. Who wants the next monarch, after Ladislas to be 'habsburg'? If it was 4-3 for the non-habsburgs then i'll ask you to choose the name of the family line ;)
Cute little flag you got there Model :)
I'm glad there's so much interest! Time to answer comments better then ...

HoldYourFire - Read my second post :)

Dysken - All thanks go to Paradox. It's the Wallachia flag :)

valzoz_p94 - Cheers :D

Frozen Wall - How?
Oh this will be interesting Walter Model, I am also playing the BWB atm and I am having a great time. I'll be following this!
Duke of Wellington: Well good luck, I'll be watching.

aye, what he said ! ! :cool:
Good luck, I'll be reading this...
An awesome prospect watching the big red blob expand. Hang on a minute that's not right, Austria's white. The bwb strikes fear into the hearts of all - and that is before it has even started to grow.
Duke of Wellington - So, are you going to still do the GH AAR? Now I have EUIII I find it impossible to go back to basic EUII.

GeneralHannibal - Well. Even though I got 3,000 posts before you, you seem to be happy with your EUIII avatar :)

Chesterton - Thanks for your support, in both of my AARs, this and the Reich one.

Chief Ragusa - If I knew how to change it to the BWB, I would.
Decrease graphics. That's the only thing I know would work.