[Guide] Adding New Traits [.PSD file]

[Guide] Adding New Traits [.PSD file]

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Adding New Traits
GIMP and Photoshop Friendly
Whilst adding traits are extremely simple, this guide also includes a .psd file which recreates the vanilla's games icons. This will allow anyone with access to GIMP and Photoshop the ability to add new traits that match the vanilla game's traits.


1. Download the "base_traits.zip" folder.
2. Extract the .zip to your "../documents/paradox interactive/stellairs/mod" folder.
This mod folder contains all the files you will need to create and add new traits. Activate it to see it in action in the game. Play around with what traits you want to create.
3. The .PSD file works for both GIMP and Photoshop. Open it up in your preferred program and proceed to the necessary instructions below.
Making a Trait.dds File (Photoshop)

  1. Make the group visible that you want to work with
  2. Make the other group invisible
  3. Open the group
  4. Insert the symbol you wish to use on your icon
  5. Place this new symbol layer abo.e the old symbol's layer.
  6. Right click the symbol layer that was already there
  7. Left click "copy layer style"
  8. Right click your new symbol layer
  9. Left click "paste layer style"
  10. Save as a .dds file with the following properties:
DTX5 ARGB 8 BPP | Interpolated alpha
2D Texture
No MIP Maps
MIP Map Filtering --> Filter Type: Point
Making a Trait.dds File (GIMP)
Note: Install the following plugin: https://code.google.com/archive/p/gimp-dds/
Due to the way that GIMP works, I have decided to not give full GIMP support for the .PSD file for traits. I have changed the .PSD file to make it more GIMP friendly, however it will still needs to be edited to actually look like the icon of the vanilla game.

The following information is what GIMP cannot reproduce when opening the .PSD file:
  • "Symbol" layer needs to be colored RGB: 26,26,26 (This is really simple)
  • "Symbol" layer needs an inner glow with the following properties:

  • Color: RGB: 0,0,0
  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Size: 1px
  • Choke: 30%



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