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Hello, considering Greece/the Greek Minors didn't Greek Unit Models I would like put together some potential references for a future unit pack covering this area, if they do get unit models.

Tier I

In this tier considering Greece would still be using the older uniforms of the Byzantine Empire and other local states as they have yet to form an independent identity

View attachment 1592234772204.png

I would use the Bottom Row, Fifth One to the left. If he is too similar to current Byzantine unit, I would go with the far bottom right one.

Tier II

Obviously there aren't any uniforms that could be as a basis for the Greek uniforms. It could be postulated that by this time the Greek uniform would begin to incorporate some more local aspects of fashion into their uniforms. So considering that at the time the popular clothing in the rural Regions was the Fustanella. The Fustanella, or Foustanella, was a kilt like skirt that would be worn in conjunction with tunic (for casual work, or you know... life) or for war chain mail or legit armour.


For this I would combine the Foustanella with limited chain mail and a musket.

Tier III

For this tier I would keep the idea of using the Foustanella, but drop the chain mail and update the rifle.

Tier IV

For this tier there are a ton of potential inspirations from the Evzones, the Sacred Band, Greek Light Infantry Regiment, to the Armatoloi

That being said I want to pick something would stand out and feel distinctly Greek. So I decided to let you guys pick between the Armatoloi or the Sacred Band


Armatoloi on the left, Sacred Band in combat on the the right

Overall, the First and Last tiers would be the easiest to do with sheer number of actually Greek "factions" with uniforms to use, but the middle tiers would require some degree of creativity to combine the local dress with time period arms.