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de Clare

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Dec 4, 2019
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So I did a 867 start as the grandson (non-heir) of the High Chief of Bohemia. The year is now 1016 and I'm playing a tribal, Chacledonian Bohemia. There are Bulgarian Principalities of Serbia, Pannonia, Bulgaria (of course) and somehow Wallachia thanks to losing all of Wallachia proper to the Maygars. To my west is the HRE (formed about a century ago), the Karling Kingdom of Venice (I've never seen that before) and the Aztec Empire which has take Britanny and France in a matter of years. Iconoclast Byzantine is also to the south.

I really want to see the Schism happen, but I'm currently only a tribal king (although I'm probably better off than my western neighbors), but I'm not sure if that can happen with Iconoclast Byzantine, and the crusade mechanics kicked off about ten years prior due to the Aztec invasion of western europe. This is one of my first times using CK2+ and so Im curious is there anything I can do. My guys converted maybe 40-50 years prior so I'm not sure if any minor splits happened in the meantime.