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First Lieutenant
On Probation
May 5, 2021
Super simple.
  • Imperial needs the heir to be younger. It's silly that a ruler is 80 and their heir is 78. That's a pretty young time for conception.
  • Dictatorship needs more than just empire sprawl -10% (That's what, at 200 sprawl 1 admin office?) They should get something that matters, like imperial does.
  • Democracy. Cheaper leader cost/upkeep as you lose them SO often.
  • Oligarchs seem fine. +15% unity is strong.
  • Achieving these should grant a % unit rather than a flat. amount This lessens snowball while granting a nice curve into the late game. Perhaps unity based off pop and different system colonies.

  • These should change automatically after a period of time or a player can influence these with influence.
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