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Jun 23, 2006
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Force Change said:
The UK lands 11 more divisions in Emdem and 7 in Danzig


Hell, Austria even had to kick the Brits out of Germany herself.

(Ok, so I'm a little late. So what?)


Oct 29, 2006
Deustchafrika is HUGE! And considering Scandanavia's relatively limited role, its African gains are hardly small, considering it now rules Finland and Estonia as well.

African Empire is as much about prestige as anything, Bismarck's colonies attest to this, after all German Nambia was hardly an economic boon to the Reich it just put Germany on the colonial map.

My only niggles are the ugly borders around Spanish Morocco, German gains in Belgium (a puppet Flanders would be interesting) and the French loss of Algeria (a part of Metropolitan if I recall)

Still all in all, great stuff. Shall you continue? Are you playing Ricky? Can you continue til 1936?


First Lieutenant
Jan 4, 2008
Im back :) Thank you all for the idears

Wenis - I have some plans, but also of them depends on what the computer decides to do.

demokratickid - Soon im sure, I need to rebuild my manpower and make some money first

Zygo - I do see your point. Maybe if the dutch had joined the war they would have let them take it

derAleks - Yeah Im sure they would have but the surrender event didnt give them it, I have now made chagnes. Yeah and i missed that island lol

Middelkerke - Yeah I agree this is a more realistic idear.

Olifranc - Thank you very much.

Paxdax - If I had colonies at the time I would have used them hehe. My casulties were not to high thankfuly

(Everyone talking about the screenshot above) - Canada took Bremen then Austria and Germany took it back. :D

Dr. Gonzo - Scandinavia was rewarded well. Yeah I will continue til 1936. Thanks for the tips as well.


First Lieutenant
Jan 4, 2008
Ok with your very very useful input I have made some changes. I had originally used the in game surrender events, I do normally use great WOTN for WW1 games as you can see in my old AAR.

Germany completely anexed Belgium and then released Flanders as a satellite with their full claims on French land.

They also took the remains of Alsace from the French.


There have also been some changes in West Africa


The French retain Algeria and Tunisia.

The Scandinavians have also neaten up their boarders.

Im currently creating an event for Germany releasing Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

I was planing on Belarus too but I am having some trouble.

Also some plans for Austria​


Mar 24, 2005
Lovely AAR.
Was a great read. I'm a little disappointed you didn't take Kola.
And I don't really understand what you need with west africa. But other than that it was really great.


First Lieutenant
Jan 4, 2008
hasskugel & rhynoclemmis - Thank you :)

Ahura Mazda - I have an idear, its just if my moding ability allows me to do it lol

asd21593 - hehe thanks you. Ill definatly give it a go.

Dr. Gonzo - The soviets sure are going to be angry and will want their land back

Muthsera - I have some plans for the future of Kola. West Africa has been delt with.

Ok here we go again, this is the final change. Im sorry I didnt get it write the first time.


First Lieutenant
Jan 4, 2008
I'm sorry but after further evaluation there has been one more change to the treaty with France.

West Africa was given to Germany who is the dominant force in the region


Scandinavia takes Indochina from the French.


This means that France has lost nearly all of her colonies,and also that the UK has to deal with a new neighbor to India.


This new Scandinavian colonies is wracked with rebellion, it will take some time to take full control but it will be worth it.

This new land will produce vast quantities of grain, tropical wood and cotton as well as some rubber and tea.

Also possible room to expand.


A few weeks later and Austria attacks Albania.



First Lieutenant
Jan 4, 2008
robou's - He put up more of a fight than France :)

January 1919 and Germany releases Latvia, Lithuania and Uberpoland as satellites.

Austria takes control of the Ukraine.


These countries will ease stress on overworked German and Austrian militaries.

Back to our new colonies and we put down the first series of rebellion, only for two more to break out


Not long later and things are finally clearing up


Austria grows larger after anexing Albania


Our capitalists begin to build new railroads in Scandinavia in a desperate atempt to modernise.


Finally for now, some political information incase you were curious


Were next for Scandinavia