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He said he'll continue in HoI2, hopefully he'll hold true to that.:)


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Jan 4, 2008
Im very sorry for huuuuuuuge delay but itsall sorted now. Thank you all for your interest

I have the save but i appear to have lost 1 update on the war vs China! Damn it! I have the notes but not the pictures so can stil post it :D

Cinéad IV - Yeah i am pretty nurotic over the borders, I edit them if they are retarded and they HAVE to be neat lol. Massive swathes of Southern China would be awsome but reinforcements ar a long way away and China has billions local lol.

Delex - Soon :D

Lusen - YES! and thanks

Thlawrence - cos im an idiot and forgot to do that! My badboy is high and why i dont plan to take much from china. Most of my teritory was from events so less BB thankfuly

Sarganto = lol sorry hope you got up ok haha

Andri - yeah its a real jerk in mine!

Cubilone- Thank you :D

Edzako - Thanks and there is soon

Nikolai - I lied as maybe not HOI2.. maybe 3 if i take that long lol

Delex - hopefuly this time around you will lol, seems the Geramns may be abit to pwoerful


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Jan 4, 2008
It is now the 1st of July 1931

The war with China is finally over. Scandinavia initially made great gains but were slowly pushed back by the Chinese hordes, however this allowed the Japanese to swarm over China in the north.

After much further bloodshed (which I wish I could share with you but lost) the Chinese were bought to the peace table. We were able to grab some minor provinces in the south which would be easily defendable and also supply us with tea, tropical wood and silk. The Japanese took many provinces in the north further expanding their power on the mainland.

This conflict proved to the world that the Japanese had highly modernised and evolved their armed forces; China would have major competition in the region as it is now splintered and weak.​