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May 6, 2023
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Hi there,

I've subscribed for the helmet a few month ago together with pre -order, but did not receive any email except the verification one.

Aleady tried to reassign with various options but again no email so far.

Any chance to get to code otherwise?

Thank you!

Best Rgs
Support helped me with it. You need to try to unsubscribe and subscribe to Paradox Newsletter, and you should recieve an email called "Welcome to Age of Wonders 4" with the code. Then it's a matter of redeeming the code in Steam in my case (which wasn't that easy but eventually it worked after restarting the client and checking local files integrity). The DLC is called "Sign-up Content".

Oh, and it seems the helmet is a Wizard King option only.
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I succed to received the confirmation mail, but no code on it.

Also unsubscribe/subscribe do not run very well.

@Paradox : Why do you set up such cumbersome procedures, which also don't work well?