Global Build-Off: Berlin Edition - Post your submission HERE - March 13th to April 30th, 2021

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Global Build-Off: Berlin Edition - Submissions Thread

This thread has been specifically opened for you to share your submission for the Global Build-off: Berlin Edition.
The submission period is open until April 30th, 2021, 6pm CET. Please make sure that you read carefully the
competition guidelines and that you are familiar with the rules.

If you need help choosing and downloading the map for the contest, have a look at the


Rebuild the heart of Berlin! #letsbuildberlin

  • Owning Cities: Skylines base game on Steam
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Submit your creation before the end of the submission period, April 30th 2021, 6pm
  • Respect the rules of the contest
  • Provide all the necessary information with your submission


Submissions shall be posted on this thread and shall include the following:
    • Paradox forums username
    • 3 screenshots (attach)
    • Short description (200 words or less)
    • OPTIONAL: short video (1 minute or less)
    Note that nominees will be contacted on the forum and required to provide further information such as Name and county of residence.
If you are using mods:
  • MoveIt! xml export [attach, we are limited to 30MB uploads if your file exceeds this please host it somewhere reliable (GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox...) and provide the download link instead]
  • Link to Steam workshop collection of assets used
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Is nobody doing the competition or why it's empty here?

It was not my plan to take part of the competition, but he competition motivated me to rebuild Berlin. Thanks for the great assets and maps. My focus was to create a matching Skyline and city feeling of the center. After a lot of work, i thought, maybe someone in the community would like to see it.
Unfortunately i dont' know how to export all assets as XML with MoveIt (No Option, button or bescription available). I used the popular mods instead of network extensions.
I'm from Germany.
Further informations in the video description of the linked video below:

Some Pictures:
Cities Skylines Screenshot 2021.03.27 -

Cities Skylines Screenshot 2021.03.27 -

Cities Skylines Screenshot 2021.03.27 -

Cities Skylines Screenshot 2021.03.27 -

I'm exited to see the comming creations of the community. "E Light" done great work on YouTube.
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  • Paradox forums username: rappluk
  • Owning Cities: Skylines base game on Steam
  • Over 18 years old

Short Description (<200 words):
This is my submission post. I'm still working on the bridge and will edit / update this posts when I make progress. My idea is a simple pedestrian and biking bridge that connects the two river banks. I also want to provide seats and shops on the bridge but I still have to learn how to place them :) Hope you enjoy!


Mods used: Only Anarchy and other utility mods, export coming.
Assets used: will link once I use any.
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  • Paradox forums username: Cykoop
  • 3 screenshots (attach):



  • Short description (200 words or less):
My version of Berlin is a combination of garden cities which are on the buildings and the real Berlin buildings. The Waisenbrücke is made in a castle style. In the middle path is a bicycle path and both side path are the pedestrian path. In the surrounding area of the märkisches Museum are a few references to tourist attraction from other german cities. Maybe you find some of them.

Map Configuration
Main Map Theme: San Minato 4K Theme
Gravel Texture and Sand Texture: Realistic V1.4.5 European
Pavement Texture: Owl's Albedo Theme
Color Correction: Realistic II - After Dark optimized

  • OPTIONAL: short video (1 minute or less):

Link to Steam workshop collection of assets used:

Asset Link


  • Move_It_Export.rar
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  • Procedural_Object_Export.rar
    318,1 KB · Views: 0
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Proposal for "Neue Waisenbrücke" Berlin
by cbudd

“Neue Waisenbrücke” aims be more than a connection across the river Spree. Offering a quick link between two Berlin districts, it reduces commuting times for cyclists in inner Berlin. The bridge’s strong visual connection to the surrounding streets draws people onto the bridge and offers a space for recreation and exploration. Its rounded shape and slight gradient maximises views on both sides. Two strips of lush vegetation guide people across the river and much of the existing vegetation remains in place.
The bridge’s redevelopment goes hand in hand with a modernisation of the surrounding plazas. Streets around the bridge are turned into pedestrian-free environments, offering more space for bikes and recreation while removing parking spaces.
“Neue Waisenbrücke” does not deny its past. The bridge’s shape and its semi-circled balconies are made to resemble the former Waisenbrücke, offering spaces to stay without blocking the bridge.
Autonomous microbuses now connect the Museumsinsel, Stadtmuseum and Märkisches Museum, creating incentives for tourists to visit multiple attractions.
A small pavilion teaches visitors about the area’s rich history.



To use the savegame, please:

- Download the Move It export and used procedural objects from my GDrive
- Subscribe and read through the description of the collection
(It seems that I can not post links in here, so please contact me to receive them)
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  • Paradox forums username: Essad
  • Description:
    • The focus of this build has been to create a car-free zone around the Märkisches Museum, as well as provide several different means of transportation to and from the museum. This includes the new Waisenbrücke that is designed as a park spanning over the Spree, connecting the two other parks on each side. The idea is to make the bridge and parks feel as one element and at the same time contribute to the 2030 Agenda by adding biodiversity and nature to the city.
    • A new tram track that runs from Hackesher markt connects Märkischer museum with the Berlin Stadtmuseum locations. A dedicated museum line on this track with historical tram cars would further increase the appeal for visitors that want the full museum experience.
    • New underground parkings are added for the residents and visitors to the Märkischer Museum area. The redesigned area also attracts more restaurants and places of relaxation that further adds a more vibrant feeling, creating a new city center of the future.
  • MoveIt! xml export and PO obj fixed export download link here. Be sure to use both exports :) All buildings (including the museum and chinese embassy) are made out of thousands of procedural objects, which is why the .obj file size is so big. Loading the PO export will probably make the game freeze for a few minutes, but i've tested it and it loads fine despite the file size! The moveit export is only the items added to the map (plus a few duplicate trees probably).
  • Procedural objects custom textures can be found here and must be downloaded and placed in the Procedural Objects textures folder.
  • Link to Steam workshop collection of assets used here
  • Visual settings and gameplay settings if needed: here
  • Map used: Berlin 2021 CSUR
  • LUT used: Photorealistic_lut_Final_by_Reaper
  • Video:

  • 2021.04.26-19.42.png

  • 2021.04.28-14.07.png

  • 2021.04.28-14.10.png
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Paradox forums username: artplusbytes

The new Waisenbrücke, renamed to the project name "Grüne Brücke" in Berlin, is an arch bridge tied exclusively for pedestrians and bicycles, offers a simple but at the same time unique design, having different views of the area when crossing it, connecting museums in the area around the river Spree and a unique tourist attraction for its visual scenery around the city.

Steam workshop collection - here

Map used: Berlin 2021 Modded

MoveIt! xml export - Berlin_GBO.rar
PO obj fixed export (only the bridge) - new_bridge.rar

Video and screenshots:



  • Berlin_GBO.rar
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  • new_bridge.rar
    64 KB · Views: 0
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Paradox-Forum-Username: Djenve

Berlin in a near future, perhaps around 2035.
At the place where once stood the Waisenbrücke now stands the "Weinbergbrücke" (vineyard bridge).
full discription in the attach files

Map: Modded Map for Mass Transit DLC (Contest Map)
LUT: RelightFilm
Map-Theme: RRealistic V1.4.5 European mixed with Seychelles
AddOns and Cratorpacks: All but without some radio stations

Link to my collection is also in the attach files

More Screenshots, Move It exports, links and discriptions are in the Screenshots_and_description in the attach files.





  • Screenshots_and_description.rar
    15,6 MB · Views: 0
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Paradox forums username: mo_vie
Used Map: Berlin CSUR version

Motorised private transport, like private cars, is not the future in our cities. Because of that, I planned the whole area around the “Märkischem Museum” as a pedestrian area. The area is just opened for pedestrians, bikes and service or emergency cars.
The bridge itself is separated in a pedestrian area and a biking area. One side of the bridge part is curved to get a modern look to the historic area around "Märkischem Museum".

Around the “Märkischem Museum” you can find small “islands” with trees for taking a rest on a hot summer day in the shadow. To cool the area down, I set a lot of trees around the streets and the square.

Directly at the shore of river “Spree” you can find some sidewalk cafe where you can enjoy the view to the new bridge or just enjoy the river.

The “Rolandufer” is a pedestrian area too, which connects the new “Waisenbrücke” with the other museums like the “Stadtmuseum” and the “Ephraim-Palais”.
If you go east the “Rolandufer” you have a direct connection to “Jannowitzbrücke” station.

I also used Procedural Objects.

Assets Link:

Screenshot 221.png

Screenshot 220.png

Screenshot 216.png


  • Global Build Off
    1,4 MB · Views: 0
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username: radworld
Description (200 words):

STOP! Welcome to the new Berlin Vanilla Quarter, where the traffic is still moving, even without mods.

A new bridge sits in the heart of a redesigned quarter where the street pattern is laid out like the suns rays, symbolizing a new birth for the orphan bridge.

The new, human-focussed bridge connecting the previous choke points, giving citizens a much favoured option to do the right thing by leaving their cars at home.

The park surrounding the museum has been extended to the other side of the river via the new bridge, with new attractions that celebrate the hippy culture of Berlin.

The riverside wharves have been reimagined, with a new boat service providing access to the other museums.

Alternatively visitors can take the new riverside cable car which give panoramic views of the new quarter.

It's powered by the city's new solar and wind power stations that provides carbon free energy for the whole city.

The new cycle route provides a circular tour of the new quarter, so you can visit without contributing to local pollution and climate change.

So, please enjoy this mod/asset-free, carbon-free, vanilla city, where the future of mankind is at the heart of our thinking.
Paradox forums username: E Light


3 screenshots:






Regarding the bridge – it contains one bike lane and one main pedestrian lane.

Intertwined with these, are secondary walkways that are more secluded, as well as observation decks; Thus creating spaces for meditation, relaxation, and nice views of the surrounding spree and city.

Large planters with deep soil allow for trees to grow on the body of the bridge, while smaller planters allow for smaller vegetation to grow on it.

On each side of the river, the bridge has multiple connections with the city: Connecting it to the street level, to elevated bike lanes going above the car roads, and to elevated garden paths deep in greenery.

Regarding the area in close proximity to the bridge and the museum – It is a balance between accurate recreation – to the level of restaurant signs and outdoor museum displays – and giving it my own take and integrating the area close to the bridge with the bridge itself.

Regarding the greater city area – it is looking like a huge mess atm. Remnants of projects I started when I thought I had more time. But – Nikolaiviertel is highly detailed too – so give it a look if you happen to open this build on your pc.


Short video:


Steam collection:



A large portion of the build is PO, so a PO export is attached as well as the MoveIt export. Alternatively, the savegame can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

PO export:

MoveIt export:

Steam savegame:


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Paradox forums username: Sully_Skylines

Description: My interpretation of Waisenbrücke Bridge (set in present day Berlin), has been influenced heavily by the old bridge, opting to keep an historic, European look and feel, as opposed to a new modern bridge. The tramline helps connect the Berlin Stadtmuseum locations and loops around the river back to the main train station. The tram is also important within the game itself to get a lot of footfall in the area as wanted it to be bustling and vibrant. The surrounding area targets tourism to make this a popular hotspot both during the day and at night time, with the new Waisenbrücke Hotel (with rooftop spa and pool), an outdoor market for local businesses, riverside bars and restaurants and a small fairground and amusement park on the other side of the river. The Märkisches Museum is the main attraction of the area alongside a beautiful renovation of Köllnischer Park with a lake, basketball court and table tennis facilities. Just like the Berlin Wall, the new bridge has seen a lot of graffiti appearing as artists find more areas to express themselves.




LUT: RelightNeutral

Link to collection:

Link to PO export, moveit export and save game:

Part of me thinks the PO and move it exports may not show the build as intended as I have terraformed the terrain height to fit the Quay height and added a Lake etc, so have supplied my save game which will be better to use. Also other tools like surface painter and TMPE have been used which will only work on my save game file which wont transfer with an export, so ideally use save game if want a look around.

Side note, I’m playing on a Mac and using a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse which isn't ideal. I couldn’t get the Overlayer mod to work on a Mac, but found a basic map with some road layouts which I could use as a base on the workshop and then used Google Maps to fill in the rest of the roads - so if any roads aren’t quite a perfect match then that’s why - i have no reference in-game. Just know if I happen to do well in this competition, then any prize will be going towards a proper gaming PC which will allow me to put out more content through CS

Really enjoyed this competition so thanks for doing it and hope you like! Good luck to all participants, some great entries!
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Username: Rook13

The original Waisenbrücke played an integral role in the river Spree’s canal system, acting as a boat lock to prevent craft from drifting at night, and was seen as a vital part of fisherinsel’s defenses. Rebuilt as a stone bridge in the 1700s, it projected safety both for its sturdiness and for the gas lighting system that made it safe to cross even after dark. I wanted to recapture that sense of light and nighttime safety for the Orphan Bridge, so I gave Kollnischer a large arcade and amusement park. At the heart of the park along its waterfront I wanted a notable feature, and feeling that Berlin deserves its own answer to the “London Eye” I added a large Ferris wheel to the shoreline. Riders are treated to an excellent view down the River Spree and can watch as their friends race to solve the nearby hedge maze from a bird’s eye view. As for the bridge itself, my design is elegantly curved to frame the view down the River Spree.



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Username: Le Phipsi

The main goal for this build was to create a bridge design that fits into the area without a need to rebuild the shorelines to much. Added to this is the requirement to allow the iconic Spreeblick ferries pass underneath the bridge.


I tried to stick to the low cost idea and didn't implement a lot of new infrastructure but instead focused on allowing alternative means of transportation take over the existing space. Therefore all roads were converted to bike priority roads where cars are limited to deliveries and city services. This allows for easy expansion of sustainaible mobility while not costing too much.


When thinking about connections between the different museums, I immediatly thought of the electric POD system which essentially works like a cab without a driver. It is ideal to shuttle small amounts of people between various locations as it is highly flexible and visitors don't need to stick to a timetable or take lengthy detours. PODs are also the only vehicles apart from bicycles that are allowed to use the new Waisenbrücke.


I used the Berlin 2021 Modded Map

For some reason the forum does not allow me to post the link to my asset collection
I'll try to fix this asap, until then search for "Le Phipsi's Berlin Assets & Mods"

Move-It export is at the end of this post


  • Le Phipsi's Move-It
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Username: JesBoy94

screen 1.jpg
screen 2.jpg
screen 3.jpg


The structure reminds to a net that links the banks of the river Spree. The idea is to create a place where people can stop and admire the city skyline surrounded by the natural environment of the river. Green and water become part of the project thanks to the use of asymmetrical planters and holes open directly on the river flow.
The new bridge follows the shape of the former Waisenbrücke, a horizontal bridge, no iconic vertical elements were added and the Märkisches Museum remains the most visible landmark in the area. The new identity of the bridge and of the embankment is to be part of the Stadtmuseum itinerary as a connection between Märkisches Museum and Nikolaiviertel. To highlight the new purpose of the bridge the dominant colours are red and white, the Berlin’s flag colours.

I'm not allowed to post the link of my asset collection, search "Märkisches Museum area - Berlin" - Workshop name fabjes94

Move it export and PO fixed export attached below (download both since many building are made in PO)


  • Fixed PO
    5,1 MB · Views: 0
  • Move it
    236,2 KB · Views: 0


Welcome to my Fringe-like alternate reality version of Berlin. Here ’s the timeline of the alternate reality:​

1945: Failed coup against Stalin slowed down the advances of the red army. US dropped Fat Boy on Berlin. Germany surrendered; US forces occupied all German possessed territory. The Berlin area becomes restricted area, the German Capitol moves to Frankfurt.

1961: John F. Kennedy reopens the Berlin Area for humans. During his speech near former Alexanderplatz for the cornerstone laying of the Kennedy Science Center – a first settlement - he phrases the famous words "Ich bin ein Berliner".

1978: The area has been declared generally habitable. A memorial park at ground zero was setup and move of the UN Headquarter to Berlin. Project Capitol Germania Central Stations Building picked as Conference Building for UN. A University and an Olympia park like Center were build.

1980s: due to the special tax deals Berlin became “Die Einkaufsstadt” again, with a huge shopping district.

1989: Berlin hosted the first love Parade and became party hotspot, with a unique in-city old-Berlin-styled Funpark.

1995: A slower version of the Transrapid was installed as Berlins Monorail Solution.

Till Today: Berlin is waiting to grow beyond the quite limited area in which buildings are allowed.

Link Steam Collection: .../sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2472216613
Link Savegame: .../sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2472463195

Pics: 1: Total: shows the whole 2021 alternate reality city, 2: The old Berlin styled theme park on what we call Museums Insel; 3: The alternate reality Waisenbrücke is an artifical island with stairs like in Paris at the Seine to enjoy live especially on hot summer evenings

Vid: (link to be added)

Can't link to external ressources, working on it. For the Steamlinks above, reeplace ... with https://steamcommunity(dot)com


  • try2.png
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  • Total.png
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  • Old Berlin Funpark.png
    Old Berlin Funpark.png
    3,4 MB · Views: 0
  • Waisenbrücke.png
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  • SweenyHH_Ber_XML_Export.rar
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User name: Jenses

So here my submission for a reconstructed Waisenbrücke.

The idea was to create a bridge that is a reconstruction of the original bridge and at the same time a modern interpretation of it. Looking at it from the east it will almost appear as the stone arch bridge that was demolished in 1960, while a view from the west will reveal a terrace shaped wooden extension, whose appearance somewhat alludes to the former pile bridge from the early 1800s.

Neue Waisenbrücke not only connects recreational spaces on both sides of river Spree, the wooden extension and the median strip also act as recreational spaces themselves, extending the surrounding parks onto the water. Strictly separated by the median, a wide bike lane could be part of a bike freeway connecting Kreuzberg with Berlin-Mitte.

In Addition to reconstruction of the bridge, the park area (Köllnischer Park) at the Museum was enlarged by closing roads for private motor vehicles (Wallstraße, Rungestraße & Am Köllnischen Park), the park area between the museum and river spree has a large area with natural grass and wild-flower vegetation to sustain a set of beehives.



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  • BOS2.jpg
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  • BOS3.jpg
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  • SteamCollectionLink.txt
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Usermnane: vinter_luuk
Hello everyone
This is my take on the competition.
Bridges remind me on spines in our bodies that conect diferent parts. Wheter connecting oposite banks of the river or something else, bridges make a vital infrastructure in our cities. The spine part stuck with me so I thought why not try and make something cool while having fun..I was too opimistic because instead od monsters I will be having nightmares from all those wrongly placed little pieces on the bridge and trying to make them be where they should..haah I made my best eforts to make it look good but youll be the judge.. Beside that comparison, I was inspired by scandinavian cities as well. Especially Oslo known for bold and modern arhitecture that sits right next to a centuries old houses. I am an urban planning student so maybe thats why I am so opsessed with good and moden infrastructure hahah. Here are the photos, the link to the PO, Move it, Theme I used in the ThemeMixer 2 and the assets collection.

HiresScreenshot 8.png
HiresScreenshot 11.png


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