Global Build-Off: Berlin Edition - Join this building competition created by AmiPolizeiFunk and the Berlin Stadtmuseum March 13th to April 30th, 2021

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Global Build-Off: Berlin Edition - Join this building competition
by AmiPolizeiFunk and the Berlin Stadtmuseum
March 13th to April 30th, 2021

Rebuild the heart of Berlin! #letsbuildberlin

TLDR: Jason ‘AmiPolizeiFunk’ Ditmars, Cities: Skylines and the Berlin Stadtmuseum invite you to take part in a challenging competition to rebuild the iconic Waisenbrücke and the surrounding Berlin city centre for a chance to win prizes including a 1000 Euros prize.

What: Rebuild the old “Waisenbrücke” bridge in the centre of Berlin to connect the various Stadtmuseum locations.
Use one of the 3 maps created by AmiPolizeiFunk to build your version of the bridge and Berlin city centre.
Read the full post below to learn more about the guidelines and criteria of this competition.
When: submission period: March 13th, 2021, 8pm CET to April 30th, 2021, 6pm CET
Where: Submit your screenshots and description in the dedicated forum thread

Competition rules
Instructions to download the competition required maps
Submission thread
Inspirations and historical resources


Veteran-builder AmiPolizeiFunk worked for months in collaboration with other renowned community-creators and modders, the Berlin Stadtmuseum and Paradox Interactive to offer all Steam Cities: Skylines players a unique and challenging building competition!

Over the course of 2 months, we invite you to embrace your creativity and sharpen your building skills to submit your own interpretation of the famous Waisenbrücke and its surroundings in the Berlin city centre. We invite you to offer your take on a modern and sustainable 21st-century city, focusing on innovative solutions for visitors to access the different locations of the Museum without private cars but also thinking about how the whole area around the bridge can participate in the visitors’ experience.

"The Waisenbrücke (Orphan Bridge) is one of the lost bridges of Berlin. For more than 250 years, it connected two important districts and played a vital part for the infrastructure of the city centre. When the Märkisches Museum was built in 1908, the Waisenbrücke also became an important factor for the museum visitors. The bridge was destroyed in World War II and was taken down in 1960.

Since then, the development of Berlin has been centred around car-access. Today, Berlin wants to focus on the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. A new Waisenbrücke could fulfil this need and establish a modern, non-car connection for our museum locations and for all Berliners in the 21st century.

"We are very happy to work with Paradox and Jason to propose this Global Build-off: Berlin Edition competition and are looking forward to your ideas!"
-Sebastian Ruff, Head of eCulture at the Berlin Stadtmuseum


A jury composed of representatives from the Cities: Skylines community, the Berlin Stadtmuseum and Paradox Interactive will select a total of 6 winners, competing in 2 categories:

  • 3 Prizes for “Best New “Waisenbrücke” Bridge and Immediate Surroundings”
  • 3 Special Prizes for “Best Build Overall in the Extended Area”

Starting March 13th, 8pm CET, you have until April 30th, 6pm CET to submit your creations to be eligible to participate in this competition and a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Prizes for Best New “Waisenbrücke” Bridge and Immediate Surroundings:
  1. First place: 1000 EUR + Razer Huntsman V2 analog keyboard
  2. Second place: 600 EUR + Razer BlackWidow Pro V3 wireless keyboard
  3. Third place: 400 EUR + Razer BlackWidow V3 keyboard

Special Prizes for the Best Build Overall in the Extended Area:
  1. First place: 500 EUR + Razer Viper Ultimate with charging dock mouse
  2. Second place: 300 EUR + Razer Viper Ultimate with charging dock mouse
  3. Third place: 200 EUR + Razer Viper Ultimate with charging dock mouse
Important: All submissions are entered into both categories, but players will be only eligible to win one of the six prizes. If a player places highly in both categories, they will receive the greater of the two prizes. There will be 6 different winners.

  • Owning Cities: Skylines base game on Steam
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Submit your creation before the end of the submission period, April 30th 2021, 6pm on the dedicated thread
  • Respect the rules of the contest
  • Provide all the necessary information with your submission


Submissions shall be posted on this dedicated forum thread and shall include the following:

  • Paradox forums username
  • 3 screenshots (attach)
  • Short description (200 words or less)
  • OPTIONAL: short video (1 minute or less)

Note that nominees will be contacted on the forum and required to provide further information such as Name and county of residence.

If you are using mods:
  • MoveIt! xml export [attach, we are limited to 30MB uploads if your file exceeds this please host it somewhere reliable (GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox...) and provide the download link instead]
  • Link to Steam workshop collection of assets used


Rebuild the old “Waisenbrücke” bridge in the centre of Berlin to connect the various Museum locations, focusing on environmentally friendly transport solutions. Build as much or as little as you like, but focus on the judging criteria and keep your build within the marked “playing field,” which is the first sector to the right of the starting sector. Custom assets are gladly accepted, but not required, and any new assets must be shared on the Steam Workshop.

The build-off takes place in a designated location in the centre of Berlin (see image below), within a handful of city blocks that include the various locations of the Stadtmuseum.

If you want some inspiration and use some typical Berlin building assets to recreate as accurately as possible the city centre, check out HERE the brand new collection of assets ready-to-download Jason ‘AmiPolizeiFunk’ Ditmars and his collaborator Seb prepared! For months the two of them have been working relentlessly to create this gold-mine of resources for Cities: Skylines players, On their new database platform, Cities: Skylines fans can share their creations, import and export builds, using the Move it! Mod by Quboid.

Three new maps have been published on AmiPolizeiFunk’s workshop to help you get your city started:

  • Vanilla version, that anybody can load without mods
  • Version with Mass Transit highways and the custom trees
  • Super-advanced version with custom trees as well as a CSUR modded highway network by Andrew “VictoriaCity” Sun.
  • Perfectly matching high-resolution overlays (one diagrammatic, one orthophoto) will be published in conjunction with the maps.

If you are unsure what map would be the best suited for you or how to install the map you chose, please refer to the instructions.



A new master map of Berlin has been created EXCLUSIVELY for this event, adapted in the 3 different versions presented previously. It is the first of its kind in two regards:

  1. The topography has been scraped from 1m-resolution real-world data provided by the City of Berlin. It will be the most accurate representation of a real-world location ever published to the workshop.
  2. 368,000 trees have been plopped exactly where they go! We have converted real-world tree information, including species, age, and height, into data that has been imported into Cities: Skylines. The trees are represented by 55 different custom workshop assets, some of which have been specially created for this project by the likes of Dennis “MrMaison” Beswick and Paul “pdelmo” Delmege.


“Simply seeing real-world topography and real-world trees represented in such a way in Cities: Skylines is breathtaking and inspiring.”
-Jason “AmiPolizeiFunk” Ditmars


Prizes for Best New “Waisenbrücke” Bridge and Immediate Surroundings:
  • How well did you re-create or re-invent the “Waisenbrücke” bridge?
  • How well does your bridge embody the idea of a modern pedestrian and bike-only bridge for the 21st century?
  • How well does the bridge contribute to a healthy and green city climate?
  • How well does the bridgework as a place not only for transit but also for communication and relaxation?
  • How well did you represent the Märkisches Museum and its surrounding park?

Special Prizes for Best Build Overall in the Extended Area:
  • How well did you create the city of Berlin, past, present or future?
  • How well did you solve the pedestrian connection/transportation issue between museum locations?

********************************** is a new community website that hosts the Cities: Skylines BuildBase, a database for sharing MoveIt! Mod exports.
Dozens of Berlin landmarks and mini-builds can be downloaded and "Restored" into their precise locations on this map with only a few clicks!


A special thank you to all the contributors from the Cities: Skylines community that made this competition possible:

Seb. - the lead programmer, converted real-world data

Quboid - MoveIt! Mod programmer

MrMaison - tree creator

pdelmo - tree creator

VictoriaCity” - CSUR highway creator

Good luck!

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Hey guys, is there any option to get an automatic list of which mods and assets I used or do I need to write it down by myself? Could be hard work cause I used a lot of different assets.

Thank you for your help :)
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Loading screen mod has a report function - use that to get a list of assets used (with links) saved to your HD. Don't know if there's any better way though, you still have to click each linked asset and add to your steam collection manually.
Loading screen mod has a report function - use that to get a list of assets used (with links) saved to your HD. Don't know if there's any better way though, you still have to click each linked asset and add to your steam collection manually.
Thank you for your answer, I will try it the next days :)
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That's because there is a spam control implemented here on this forum. :)
You will have to write between 5-10 posts before you are eligible to upload pictures and other things.

Thank you, I am newbie here but I wanted to participate in the contest, I finally posted but still cannot publish my Steam Collection, but I post the collection Id, hope that helps