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Sep 19, 2018
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This Shadowborn spell "curses" any ennemy unit on the battlefield. When one dies, its killer gains 10 HP.

I'd like to address two separate suggestions: a potential text correction, and a feature proposal.

So, we have:
Gift of Nekron (spell), which description is: "Whenever a unit dies, the unit who killed it is healed for {giftofnekronHealth}."

This line is displayed in the spellbook, and as a tooltip associated to the spell's icon when it is cast on the battlefield (upper left corner).

Cursed by Nekron, which description is: "Whenever this unit dies, the unit who killed it is healed for {giftofnekronHealth}."

This line should be displayed among the abilities and effects in an enemy unit panel after the spell is cast. It isn't. This line never appears.
What is displayed is the corresponding name "Cursed by Nekron" whenever a unit dies and yours gains 10 HP (as a floating, transient pop-up).

  1. If the curse's description is never to be displayed, then the pop-up could well be "Gift of Nekron" instead, because your unit benefits from it, and the enemy being already dead, how could it be cursed? Of course, if an effect was to be added in the "cursed" unit's panel, then we'd stay with "Cursed by Nekron" both in the unit's panel, and the pop-up message (in case this message can't have a different name as the effect).
  2. If there is a real curse that would affect a dead unit, it could be that its corpse is used by some necromantic or reaver effect to heal the killer, and thus is consumed as far as any other usages are considered. That is, a corpse couldn't both heal through the Curse, and heal through Necrophagy, or be used by a Bone Pile. Nekron's Gift would become a kind of mass lesser, necrophagy, in the sense where it grants only 10 HP, you don't have to "eat" the corpse, and the recipient is always the target's killer (also any target is valid).
Visually, corpses would be destroyed as with Necrophagy.
Furthermore, what about such abilities such as Resurgence or Immortality? I'd be to copy the behaviour of Necrophagy for that concern, whatever it is.