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I used to play this game closer to the original release. I picked up the expansions when they were released, but didn't get to spend much time on them.

The game is a joy to play now. it's far ahead of its original state at release. The thing I especially hope will carry over to Planetfall is how well races and classes both were differentiated from each other, the multiple layers where race choices impact on class has made for a very interesting and enjoyable game.

And that's the comment I wanted to make, AoW3 became a great game while I wasn't looking.
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Oct 17, 2018
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I just bought the AoW3 collection five or six weeks ago, though I've been into the series since 1999. I'm very impressed with this newest version and can't stop playing it. But strangely, when I go back and play the earlier games I find they're still very good too. Each version has added something new and left out something old; and IMO all three versions of AoW are still worth playing. Sadly there's not enough time for everything, so I'm sticking to AoW3 for now.