Gestalt Migration Treaties

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Lazy Name

Second Lieutenant
Apr 26, 2020
Gestalt-Individualist Empire compatibility
Some buildings can now either produce the menial/complex drone job, or the worker/specialist job depending on whether gestalt or non-gestalt pops are available (Drones cannot take ruler jobs). Non-gestalt pops will be able to migrate to and survive on gestalt worlds and vice versa by using the following planetary decisions:

Individualist Infrastructure
Precisely designed transportation systems, housing complexes, and coordination centers, all to ensure individualist sapients will be able to live just as if they were one with the collective.
Allows any non-gestalt pops to live on this world. Costs minerals.

Drone Signal Amplifier
A planet-wide series of arrays that amplify the signal used by a Machine Empire, allowing them to control their drones on this planet.
Allows pops from Machine Empires you have migration treaties with to live on the world. Costs minerals.

Hive Nesting Facilities
Facilities set aside for a Hive Mind cores and infrastructure, allowing them to coordinate their drones on this planet.
Allows pops from Hive Minds you have migration treaties with to live on this world. Costs minerals.

Gestalt Migration
Gestalt pops obviously have no interest in normal migration. Instead, migration treaties now promise that gestalt members donate a pre-agreed number of drones while non-gestalt members allow their pops to freely migrate as normal (this also means two gestalts can form pacts just to trade drones with each other, if they desired). A gestalt pop in a regular empire will create less empire sprawl for them and will not have happiness, won't form factions, do not require consumer goods and use less housing. A gestalt empire still gains empire sprawl from having its pops in other empires, but also gains a small amount of society research for each pop. If the migration treaty is ended, gestalts can choose to have all gestalt pops immediately return, which creates an opinion penalty. If the migration treaty is ended by a war declaration, all gestalt pops are immediately turned into offensive armies.
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