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Sorry for being a stickler in such a sad day for Belgium.

Thank you. As a Frenchman, you know all the things that go through a person's head at a time like this.
In the case of Brussels, they have always had a policy of live and let live. Leave everyone with their own values and respect. There are always (censored) people, who abuse these things.
I don't want to be angry at my Moroccan next-door neighbour. We've always had an excellent relationship as neighbours and he had nothing to do with it.
I don't want to be afraid to buy stuff in a Moroccan store, because 99.99% are good people who just want to live a good life and they have nothing to do with it.
But I am.
And that makes me sad.

@Mods: sorry about the outburst. I just felt like sharing.
@everyone: let's get back to HOI3, shall we?
One more thing concerning Brussels and Paris

I downloaded the .rar and extracted the PDF. 407 pages, wow! :) Good thing I have two monitors, so I don't have to print it out :cool:

Thanks for writing the tutorial, misterbean! Has Paradox given you a pre-release copy of HoI 4 so you can start writing that tutorial? :D
No, they didn't unfortunately, and, judging from the changes I've seen, it will be a very long time before anyone is able to write that.
sorry if it was already mentioned in this thread but none of the pictures, at least in chapter 1-4 show up anymore...ive tried using different computers, my work comp, my phone and no luck. i am at the message settings part and it requires that i look at his photo to match his settings but there is no photo so i am kind of stuck as far as message settings go.

this is a great tutorial and exactly what i want but without the photos showing up i fear all the time the OP spent on this is going down the drain

i looked at the threads by the same op and the photos show up fine on those so i dont get what happened to this one
I see you have a pdf version for download....a savior...awesome!!!.

Yeah, sorry about that. The website I was using back then, started asking for money for uploads, so I switched to Imgur, and only realised later that my account had, apparently, been terminated.

As a total newbie to HoI3, this AAR is insanely useful! Thanks for the PDF. Amazing!!!

My gratitude for this guide knows no bounds.

Is there an update for TFH?