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The Mongols are very competent now, mine got Byzantium and the HRE. And the third one happened (I'm assuming at least) because the last Mongol Emperor was Hindu and granted Novgorod to them.

Hmm. That might be of interest as a final boss then. But I'll have nothing to do with that side of the map until the very late game.
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This isn't dead, it's just my plan not to write anything till Ged finished his whole reign hit a bit of a snag because he hasn't died yet. Means a few periods of tedium and boredom as the neds sort of just enjoy stability and vast riches before someone triggers them into a rage again. Not even the pets are exempt from this, and there is going to be an ongoing and fierce rivalry between my dog and cat pets over seemingly nothing at all.

However, two parties have decided to pick a fight with Ged at the same time, and thus shall feel our righteous anger (and the strange alignment where El Pip turned out to be right).

We also have a new problem child in our now expansive family. Don't want to spoil anything in particular but I have a great grandson (or whatever) wandering around called Psycho Bob. Psycho Bob is an utterly despicable racist who's dangerously insane. The only reason his heart isn't a black hole of hate is that he's also utterly in love with himself. In his court, he sits upon a fantastic giant golden throne, directly opposite a giant golden statue of himself.

These are the only two things in the hall.
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