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Mar 15, 2021
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I know this concept has been discussed for years on various websites, but I bring it up again because it has not been addressed by Paradox.
During war with an empire that has gateways, it is essential to capture those gateways as quickly as possible to limit the enemy’s movement. However, there does not seem to be a way to capture them. From what I have read, when you capture the star base and all planets in a system, the gateway is captured. Not sure if that means I get to use it, or if it simply locked to the enemy. However, every time I go to war with an empire that has gateways, they always manage to use gateways that I have “captured”. The gateways don’t switch to my control, even the flag on them stays the same while on the system my flag shows up, as well as on the planets. I have even tried putting ships in orbit and tried landing troops on it (can’t do it), so the only thing I can do is leave a fleet behind to guard, which is problematic when there are dozens of gateways.
So, here are some ideas.
Either fix the current system so that the gateway is locked after you completely capture a system.
Or make it a valid target for ground troops. There could be ground defense levels. You pay 1000 minerals for 1000 defense strength in the form of troops, or maybe give it automated defenses. Level two is 2000 minerals and you get 2000 defense strength. Not sure if this is op or not, open for suggestions.
Or, third option, make it so a construction ship has to come and disable the gate way. Takes 30 days.
Any thoughts?