Game wo't launch/load DivineWind WIndows 10

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Feb 26, 2019
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hey guys sorry if wrong place but ive exhausted all options really

I am running Windows 10 and EU3 Divine Wind won't load.
I have spent hours on various forums trying to fix this issue.
This game will not launch or load either through Steam or directly from the installed folder.
I have tried using various compability modes which also didn't work.
I tried the 4gb fix which also didn't help.
I deleted the cache folder, didnt help.
Ran steam integrity check of file, didn't help (but added cache back)
Initially I had a popup stating I had the dx9 dll file missing, and I downloaded that file and put it into the system files myself. I no longer have the popup stating the these files are missing but the game still will not load at all.
The popup I get says the application was not able to start correctly. 0xc000007b

please help, i miss this game!


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May 13, 2003
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I had an issue with installation on my new Windows 10 system (after repurchasing the game as a download because Win 10 doesn't work with the on-disc DRM) where it aborted the install due to lack of a .dll file. After downloading the proper file, the installation completed, but the game wouldn't run. I eventually had to use a registry cleaner to remove the game's registry entries (Warning: NOT a task for the computer illiterate), and it installed properly and ran after that. Now playing it heavily for the last month or three.

Maxim Rommel

Nov 27, 2019
I m also have Steam version divine wind + 4 gb ram old hp notebook+Windows 10 (latest version) and i spent all my yesterday night time for playing. İn my opinion, check your NET.FRAMEWORK files. Update them, restart your pc and go for glory