Game won't start "GDIFontLibClass.CreateFont: cant find font"

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Oct 8, 2008
Hello Paradox,

I have the Japanese version of Windows XP Pro with SP3 but SP2 and SP1 did the same thing also. Whenever I load the game, the screen goes black for a split second then displays an error message:

"GDIFontLibClass.CreateFont: cant find font" ,

then it goes black again after I hit ok, then it gives me another error message saying something bad in Japanese to the effect of that there was a problem with my program and that it had to shut down and blah blah blah. Now I have read about 100 posts all around the internet with a problem exactly the same as mine. It is something to do with the fact that I have the Japanese version of windows installed. What font can't it find? Do I need to install a specific font that maybe the Japanese version of windows doesn't have? I donno, what should I do? It's not because my resolution is set too high, it is something else, my rez is set at 1024x768.

Oh, just wait, as I was typing this message I have found a horrible solution. Horrible because you have to reboot every time you want to play. If I go into my Control Panel under regional settings and then change the language to anything other than than 2-byte language like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc, then the game will work perfectly fine, so if I change it to German, or French it works fine. The problem only exists when a 2-byte language is set as the primary language for Windows XP. A Chinese programming team have come up with a solution for Tarr Chronicles and Dark Horizon, they can be found here: however, this patch will only work on Chinese Windows. The demo to this game works perfectly fine with 2-byte operating systems, why can't the actual full game. I do beleive we have a very simple problem that needs correction. If there is a better workaround please let me know, I have probably come across a couple hundred different posts relating to this exact same topic in many different Chinese, Korean, and Japanese forums.

System Specs:
Japanese Windows XP Pro
Asus GeForce 6800 512MB
AMD Athlon 2800+