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Nov 1, 2011
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I know this isn't the right area as such but as i can't access any of the threads and this was the only area i'm posting here

firstly for either ambiance mood setting and such

Either/and/or country background noises and background music with out them its an absolutely dead quiet game
the country side is never absolutely quiet unless there's a predator around and even then you can hear rustling and agitation

mob agro
if i'm going to run miles n miles away to get away from a snake or other critter it should eventually stop trying to attack you (as long as your not kitting it) so far i've crossed 2-3 loading zones and still had them beat me up even using the run skill they've caught up and killed me.

3rd maybe a follow up on the 2nd position slightly less snake agro i'll stear clear of them as i'm relitively new and still get them agroing on me without even looking at attacking and those things are brutal on a new character.

4th a compass or a way to reset your default setting to true north makes getting around a tad easier

5th a personal map- what i mean here is a way of you maknig your own map so you know where major landmarks that you've found easier to find again instead of continually stumbling around trying to re-find

6th- (not sure if this is in the game yet or not as not that far progressed) damn making and bridge building and i'm not talking modern stuff but using mud, logs branches and rocks to make the damns ( may also be a way of attracting beavers) and simple log and rope bridges to cross rivers

7th i'm not sure if this has been mentioned but maybe a marker to designate which way the main towns are so if you want to walk it you can

8th item descriptions when your trying to craft, what i mean by this is if i want to make something that gives me better faith and wisdom i don't want to make every single craftable object i own i want to be able to look in the menu and see what it gives me as a run down

if i come up with any more ideas i will add more to this if anyone may agree with these ideas or would like to expand on them feel free to do so