Game Rules Only Applying if I Quit to Desktop (Bug)


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Dec 9, 2015
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If I change the game rules to something different then the game rules my game launched with, they won't apply and I'll get whatever game rules the game launched with. But if I quit to desktop and re-launch the game, then whatever game rules I last put in will be the new game rules that will apply to all games for that session.

Example: if I launch the game with default game rules and then change faiths to be random. Any game I start will have non-random faith. But if I quit to desktop and re-launch the game, the random faith rule will now go into effect if I start a game, even if I change the game rule back to non-random faiths.

This problem is only on the MP beta batch as rolling back to the normal version solves the problem. Also all this was while playing single player.

Other than this I haven't run into any issues with the MP beta.
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