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Dec 1, 2015
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Hey !!
I bought Warlock 2 Wrath of the naga and i cant play it. After few turns i my game get frozen with loud sound and with black or white screen. Only thing i can do after this is restart computer. I have i5 4690k , 8gb ram, and gtx 970 gtx. I can play games much more graphically demanding then warlock 2 without any problems but i cant play Warlock 2, I tried all version of drivers , with cleaning them before with driver sweeper. I tried new sound drivers.I tried many stress tests on my GPU, RAM, CPU and everything works fine. Game crashes in full screen and in window mode.Pls help me coz i really like this game. I am using Win 7 64 bit.

This is my game debug file


I am sorry i posted this 2 times and in wrong section of this form Warlock 2 the exalted. Pls delete my other threads.


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