Game profiles (See thread to understand)

Game profiles (See thread to understand)

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Dec 27, 2020
Hello cities: skylines gamers! I have something that I would like to suggest.

Game profiles simply mean that you can create profiles through the settings menu, which allows you to use different mods/savegames per profile.

People (Like me) are having different ideas to make something in cities: skylines. Sometimes they want to play it very realistic, other times they want to play it with unlimited money etc. This would be easily possible with game profiles. You can easily enable it by going to the setting menu, and then you can press on Game Profiles. You will first see a setting to enable and disable it. If you enable it, you will get the option to create profiles, rename profiles, delete profiles or to select profiles. If someone switch from profile, they will only see the savegames which are saved on that profile, and mods ofc. If you disable this option, all mods/savesgames/everything else will be added to a normal game, like how it is now. If you download a mod from the workshop, it will be downloaded to the currently selected profile.

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Dec 30, 2020
Hey dude! I see what you mean, thats very cool, messing around with mods can leave it very unorganized. I just want to suggest tho that instead of different profiles, they could add inside the content manager a preset tool, in which u can create presets that have different mods on or off. Maybe even creating the possibility to have "modpacks" so mod creators can make a preset with certain mods on for a particular experience. For instance: Traffic Modpack: TMPE, road anarchy and Move it.