Game keeps crashing on PS4

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Cthulhu Spawn

Jan 30, 2021
Got a new problem happening on Planetfall on PS4. This doesnt happen all the time but when it does it crashes the game. Sometimes when I press options or try to bring up the unit description, or the imperial archives during a tactical battle the boarders of the info boxes turn white like it's not getting data. Then it will get really slow and unresponsive until I get out of that screen and back to the tactical battle. After the battle as its tryiing to load the strategic map back in the game will crash. I'll try reloading the game and it will keep crashing when it tries going back to the strategic map. Sometimes on the second reload of the same tactical battle the ground textures will change and patches of ground will look glassy like its water before the crash. The only solution is to reload the game a turn before I did that tactical battle and then replay the battle hoping it won't do it again. Sometimes this happens a lot. Sometimes only once during a whole days play, it seems sort of random. I hoping its not my PS4 itself though I plan to upgrade to a PS5 someday to help. I dont have any similar problems like this on other games though.