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I have a 3 monitor nvidia setup and the game launches but is very zoomed in and you can not see any menus to change it. I have tried disabling the 3 monitor setup but then the game crashes on launch. I have the latest drivers and I have tried deleting it and reinstalling the game as well with no luck. I have also tried the steam -safe command to launch in safe mode as well as to try to force a lower rez. Any ideas on what to do?


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Jun 7, 2012
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Not sure if the game even supports a 3-monitor setup. If you are experiencing crashes after disabling the 3-monitor setup it is most likely due to the game still trying to launch it in that resolution. Try deleting the "current.xml" file located here: ...\Steam\userdata\STEAMID\205990\local

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May 1, 2012
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"current.xml" issue really needs to be fixed.
It was there is Warlock1 too.

I usually use my widescreen monitor with my laptop and play in 1920x1080.

But if I disconnect my monitor, and try to play with 1366x768 laptop screen, game will crash and only wiping current.xml will help.

There needs to be a fallback mechanism when game can not start in specified resolution, instead forcing players to use workarounds like this.