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I'm running DD 1.3 wiht Arma 1.1, i started to make a new scenario with their own countries and flags (and shields of course) taking advantage of the arma tags (around 60 new countries) and it worked fine, but, just when i was going to finish the scenario (adding the last countries) the game is not capable of reaching the main menu!, it crashes when it finishes the "initializing globals" sentence.
I swear that i have not made anything beyond the normal.
I've tried reinstalling it and later applying the scenario and flags but there's the same problem!, so could it be to some kind of limit of the .inc files per scenario?

Please help me, i've working hard on this and i would not like to see how it is teared apart.

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Sep 11, 2014
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Delete sprites in GFX/map/units, but dont delete the bnp folder.
also when the game start it will stop and not crash so you should press ctlr alt delete and and start task manager, theyre it will say no sprite found, click ignore and, and press ctlr etc again and click on hoi 2 on toolbar

BOBO the helper

Sep 2, 2017
I deleted these in GFX/map/units

In both hoi2 and the expansion, now it works fine