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Dec 7, 2014
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Hello everyone.

I'm just now trying to learn modding Imperator and I'm trying to add new pop types. I've tried to follow the wiki page on it, but the game crashes when I try to start a new game. I already resolved a previous crash that was caused by modifier icon definitions not existing. I can attach the crash folder, but there is no relevant debug.log information (that I could tell) and the error.log is empty. I am using the -debug_mode and -develop launch parameters but they did not generate any relevant debug info.

Any help would be appreciated.


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What's this? Someone else messing around with undead? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Just for clarification - at what point of adding things did the game start crashing, or have you not been able to load at all since setting up the pop types? If the latter, I find it easier to start out with a test version and work up - for instance, testing out a "Necrotr" pop type that's just a tier above noble, then going from there. That way, you know if the issue is how you're setting up pop types entirely or a specific interaction.

However, after writing the above I think your issue might be in common\province_ranks. The definitions there give a baseline desired ratio for each pop type, and you don't have a version for your mod that gives baseline desired ratio for your new pop types (even if that's 0 across the board). There might also be UI issues, but I'm really hoping you have to open that can of worms as little as possible.
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