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Jul 30, 2015
Hi guys,

Bought this game last year but never got around to playing it. Just started it yesterday and today I started the campaign.

It gets to turn 127 and crashes to desktop without saying anything. No error message at first. Then windows started telling me that it 'windows encountered a problem'.

I have tried reloading the save and it happens all the time. This is extremely frustrating. Anything I can do?


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Aug 30, 2013
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Could you zip and upload the logs folder please? That could at least say what error it's actually hitting.

Should be located here, or somewhere similar depending on Steam's install location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<YourSteamID>\205990\local\logs


Jul 30, 2015
If it helps this is what it says in the game_error text:
167.9660: Source\StrategicContentGenerator.cpp(694): [LogicGenerator][_placeTownsAndLocations()] cannot fill area for stage 4
168.0750: Cannot generate terrain for 'Evil_w2'/lakes/1 with 1 try. sea=[0 0.083 0.2] mount=[0.02 0.167 0.09]
1246.9000: UI\MainGameWindow.cpp(1317): [Game][_uiOnSpellSelect()] Cannot select spell
1314.0270: UI\MainGameWindow.cpp(1317): [Game][_uiOnSpellSelect()] Cannot select spell
1364.9620: UI\MainGameWindow.cpp(1317): [Game][_uiOnSpellSelect()] Cannot select spell
1459.5450: UI\MainGameWindow.cpp(1317): [Game][_uiOnSpellSelect()] Cannot select spell
1979.7610: Application\Application.cpp(164): [Main][WriteDumpFile()] step=3 exceptionCode=0xC0000005
1979.7610: Application\Application.cpp(167): [Main][WriteDumpFile()] Access violation type
1979.7610: Application\Application.cpp(178): [Main][WriteDumpFile()] Writing dump file into logs folder...
1979.8550: Application\Application.cpp(198): [Main][WriteDumpFile()] done.

And the following in the logic_error text:
167.9660: Source\StrategicContentGenerator.cpp(694): [LogicGenerator][_placeTownsAndLocations()] cannot fill area for stage 4
168.0750: Cannot generate terrain for 'Evil_w2'/lakes/1 with 1 try. sea=[0 0.083 0.2] mount=[0.02 0.167 0.09]

Does this help?


Jul 30, 2015
Sorry, just realised what I put above is from my most recent crash - when I started a new game. Game seems very unstable.