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Jun 6, 2001
Game and Forum Info for New Users & Major Thread Links

DIPLOMACY: Information and FAQ



The Rules

Forum Rules Just in case you missed them in the READ ME FIRST thread.

Want to talk about a topic other than Diplomacy? Please do not do it in this forum. Use the Paradox Off-Topic Forum.

Want to try to organize a PBEM game? Please use the PBEM Sign-up Thread, rather than starting a new thread.

Have a question about Paradox Diplomacy? Please see our FAQ below. Please be aware that the game is still in development and some information is simply not yet available. More detailed information about the game itself is available at the Pardox Diplomacy Website.

Have a question about Diplomacy, in general? Please see our FAQ below. If your question is not in the FAQ, please post the question to the forum and one of our many forum members can likely help you. Our forum has attracted many of the world's best Diplomacy players and most are quite ready to help. :)

- Diplomacy, in general

- Game production

- Diplomacy resources

- Recent Polls of Forum Members

Thank you for your patience as we build the forum.
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Jun 6, 2001
Diplomacy in General

What is Diplomacy?
An excellent description is at Wikipedia, but a short description is that Diplomacy is a seven player board game featuring the dynamics of the real politik diplomacy amongst the Great Powers of Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The game can be played in person in real time (FTF - face to face) or via chat links, or by mail (PBM/PBEM - play by mail/play by email).

(Note: Diplomacy is probably most famous as the board game made famous by Avalon Hill. When people reference “original Diplomacy” you may see it refered to as “Avalon Hill’s Diplomacy”, “AH Diplomacy” or “Calhamer's Diplomacy”.)

The game has an abstract combat system with units of Armies and Fleets. The game is turn based where in each turn players negotiate with each other, then movement orders are submitted and simultaneously resolved. Whereas the tactics of manipulation of the armed forces and control of territory, including key territory (SC - Supply Centers) are very important, the essence of the game is the negotiation. Players may do or say anything - lie, misrepresent themselves, insinuate things that may not really be occurring, etc. Then, the movement resolution will reveal what the players really did. A victory requires cooperation amongst the players, so alliances are created and dissolved as the game proceeds.

Alliances often dissolve unexpectedly and catastrophically, universally known as a "stab". The game is played until either one player controls over 1/2 of the Supply Centers, or by mutual agreement by the players to award the victory to a player or alliance of players, or to call the game a draw. Diplomacy is easy to modify, and there are countless mods (variants is the word in the Diplomacy community).

On-line rules available from Hasbro.

What is Paradox’s Diplomacy?
Paradox has acquired the license for Diplomacy and announced their production of their own version of the classic game.

Official Announcement .

Paradox has not described their version of the game in total, but have released some details to Game Spot. We will update the FAQ whenever Paradox releases more details. Be sure to check back here often for updates and exciting announcements.
  • Updates

What is PBEM Diplomacy?
Since Diplomacy is turn based, it is readily adaptable to email play. Generally, a game will be organized with a games master (GM), seven players (for the straight game), and a set of house rules. Turns may be daily, weekly, or whatever. The players negotiate by email, unless the GM prohibits that, as there are a number of variations on communications rules. Before the move deadline, the players send their orders to the GM or a Judge program (an automatic move adjudicator). The GM or Judge emails the results to the players for the next turn.

What are these “variants” that are mentioned?
(From the Diplomacy Archive)
Diplomacy basically consists of a simple set of rules for adjudicating moves and a map on which to play. However, by changing either or both of these basic elements, fans have also created Diplomacy variants. The most common variants use the original rules of Diplomacy, but play on a map from a different time or place. A variant can be as simple as the Fleet_Rome variant, which merely changes the army in Rome at the game's start to a fleet, or extremely complex like those set in Tolkein's Middle Earth with special units, unusual maps, and new rules and added game elements. A short introduction to Diplomacy variants can be found at the Variant Bank.

Since Diplomacy was first published, a number of commercially made variants have appeared, e.g. Machiavelli (originally published by Battleline Publications and later Avalon Hill) and Colonial Diplomacy (Avalon Hill).

The Variant Bank catalogues over 1350 known Diplomacy variants and has the rules for over 400 available online (and growing). The Diplomatic Pouch's variants page has rules for and articles for a smaller number of variants, but it does include brief descriptions of the variants it lists.

The Variant Bank has descriptions for many variants. This collection of variant descriptions can be found at Variants A to Z file. It is also available by ftp.

One of the beauties of Diplomacy is how easily its framework can be extended and manipulated without losing the core essence. Thus many players enjoy playing standard games along with a variety of new variants to combine the classic game with new twists and changes of pace.

(Note: Thank you for the many selections of variants you have sent. As the Variant Bank has most every one suggested, we have not attempted to create our own list. However, if you know of a widely used variant not listed in the Variant Bank, please bring it to our attention.)


Jun 6, 2001
Game Production

Who is on the Development Team?
Producer - Johan Andersson - “Johan”
Lead Programmer/Lead Designer - Jonas Bjering - “Bjering”
Programmer – Thomas Johansson - “Besuchov”
Programmer – Pontus Åberg - “Aberg”
Programmer – Adam Skoglund - “gulgi”
Programmer – Richard Lowbrink - “Lurwas”
Lead Artist – Marcus Edström - ”Kalops”
3d Artist – Dick Sjöström - ”Dick”
2d Artist – Joakim Setterberg - ””
Design Advisor – Joakim Bergqwist - ”Greven”
QA – Florian Santer - “Flori”
Music/SFX - Andreas Waldetoft - “Jazzhole”

See this thread for more information and discussion.

When will the game be released?
(Don't ask us, we will let you know. ;) )

Can I be a beta-tester?
(Don't ask us, we will let you know. ;) )

Can we see some screen shots?
First Release of Screen Shots from E3: Click Here
Note: These are in the very early stages of development, so key features, like the character/avatars, are not complete. See HERE for more details.

Can we get a sneak peak at the game?
See "Can I be a beta-tester?(above)"

I want to make a suggestion about a feature for Paradox Diplomacy:
Please use the Universal “Make a Suggestion” thread.
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Jun 6, 2001
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Jun 6, 2001
Articles / Reviews

Recent Articles, Previews, Reviews, etc.

DreamStation 2/3/05

GameSpot: Announcement

GameSpot: More Details

GameSpot: Interview with Jonas

Updated 5/25/05
Preview on Gamezone

Preview on Gamespy

Preview on GamersInfo

Preview on IGN

Updated 5/31/05
Diplomatic Pouch Interview

Updated 6/15/05
First Swedish Interview

Updated 6/29/05
The above interview in English and Danish

Updated 7/26/05
New Game Spy Interview (w/ Avatars)

Updated 9/29/05
GameZone Review

Diplomacy Goes Gold (GameSpot)

Updated 10/10/05
PC Game World Review

Wargamer Review

Updated 10/18/05
Armchair General n.a
This is a great update for the PC as the AI in the last version of PC Diplomacy was simply dire – it’s no longer possible to win a game without talking to any of your AI opponents as it was in the older version, and for all those who ask if the AI is actually any good in this version, I’ll leave you with this final screenshot. Mind you, it might be a sign that I’m just rubbish. [screenshot defeat]

Console Gold 90%
“The armchair strategist in all of us can always use a challenge, and Diplomacy more than fits that bill. This is a good one that strategy gamers should definitely take a look at.”

Cosmos Gaming 80%
“All the strategy without any of the hassle, guaranteed!”

Game Chronicles Magazine 80%
“I enjoyed myself playing it and if you like the original board game, and have a somewhat decent rig, I’d suggest you check it out.”

Game Industry News 4,5/5
This one is worthy of the history that comes before it, and is sure to add to the legend of Diplomacy.

Gaming Nexus 83%
"Overall, Diplomacy is a very solid port of the classic tabletop game. Fans of the boardgame, especially those unable to easily find opponents, will have a lot to like here."

PC Game World 86%
"Fans of the board game will love it, strategy fans will love it, and casual strategy gamers will enjoy it."
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Official word from Paradox

Marcus (Paradox Lead Artist) on the E3 gamespot screenies.
Kalops said:
A comment regarding the pictures at gamespot:

Please take into consideration that these pictures are from a very early stage of development. Some of the pictures have been released by accident and can be disregared entirely (such as the menu screen).

The character models are still in development and should look fantastic when completed.

The 3d map is created specifically for Diplomacy, not for all our games. This map will provide for exciting presentations in turn resolutions as well as harbour complex negotiations. You will be able to play in a top down-view, but the information on the map will be such that you'll probably want to look at it from many angles and zoom in and out a lot.

Remember that Diplomacy is very different from the eu-games, and should be regarded as entirely stand-alone. It is fully 3d, and therefore the screenshots are less representative than in our previous games. For example, you cannot see camera movement, animations and light effects in the screens.

Please try to keep criticism constructive and polite. We are all working hard on the project and have confidence in that this will be a great game.

Sit tight and have faith.



Jun 6, 2001
Official Release information...

Just in case you missed it.... :)

Stockholm, September 7, 2005 - Developer and publisher Paradox Interactive announced today that their next strategy release, DIPLOMACY for the PC platform, will be shipping to stores in the US and Scandinavia on October 4, 2005. UK, France, Germany and the Benelux countries are to follow on October 28. DIPLOMACY has been rated E for Everyone and has a suggested retail price of $39.99. DIPLOMACY is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS).

"When we set out to make DIPLOMACY, our ambition was to create a PC game that kept the look and spirit of the original board game, and we have certainly achieved that," says Fredrik Lindgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paradox Interactive. "The game has entertainment value for newcomers and veterans alike and we are very eager to introduce DIPLOMACY to a wider audience."

Set in early 20th century Europe, Paradox Interactive's PC adaptation brings the power struggles of seven mighty nations to life like never before.


· Single player capabilities allowing players to encounter lifelike opponents at any time.
· Graphical negotiation language, ensuring efficient communication with humans and AI players alike.
· Multiplayer experience, play over the Internet or via LAN with friends.
· True diplomacy, allowing players to form agreements and break them without artificial constructs.
· Online server with ranking ladders, tournaments and matchmaking services, inviting players to participate in competitions over the Internet.
· In-depth tutorial with step-by-step guide through the intricacies of DIPLOMACY.

The board game DIPLOMACY is presently manufactured under the Avalon Hill label from Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro subsidiary.


Jun 6, 2001
Diplomacy System Requirements

System requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Minimum: Intel Pentium3 800MHz or AMD Duron 800MHz Recommended
Intel Pentium4 1.6GHz AMD Athlon 1.6GHz
Memory: Minimum: 256 MB Recommended: 512MB
Video: Minimum: 32MB 3D Graphics Card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as Nvidia Geforce 2. Recommended 128MB 3D Graphics Card with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability, such as Geforce 5700, Radeon 9500

Internet Access Requirements

A regular broadband connection, for a standard multiplayer requirements is recommended.

Play on slow connections can be improved by turning off avatars and selecting "instant resolution" as optional preferences.
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