Galactic Imperium Taxation

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Lazy Name

Second Lieutenant
Apr 26, 2020
A set of resolutions that would allow the Galactic Emperor to impose taxes on other members of the Galactic Imperium, for the purpose of making forming the Imperium more impactful for both the Emperor and member states. Each resolution would be split into tiers similar to sanctions, with each tier increasing the percentage of the resource taxed. Taxation resolutions could also have a constant Influence cost which increases with each tier, to encourage choices on the type of tax desired and how severe it should be.

Resource Tax
Protecting and unifying the galaxy is a costly endeavor, and one which every citizen of the Imperium should be proud to be a part of.
All empires in the Imperium must offer the Galactic Emperor a percentage of their energy and minerals output.

Research Tax
Thousands of independent research efforts scattered across the galaxy is simply inefficient. The Imperium will ensure that they are coordinated... and that their efforts go to good use.
All empires in the Imperium must offer the Galactic Emperor a percentage of their research output.

Population Tax
One should consider it an honor to find purpose as tribute to the Imperium.
All empires in the Imperium must offer the Galactic Emperor a percentage of their pops yearly. Has a greater opinion malus then other types of taxation.

Tax Exemption
For their contributions to the galaxy, the [Empire Name] empire has earned the right to a higher level of privilege.
The target empire is no longer required to pay taxes, and has a large opinion boost towards the Galactic Emperor. The Galactic Emperor gains a small amount of monthly Influence from tax-exempt empires, and can make a maximum of 5 empires tax-exempt. Tax-exempt empires are more likely to vote in favor of taxation resolutions.


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May 13, 2017
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Would hopefully increase the chancrs fir a rebellion, as currently the ai almost never undermines the imperial authority or us easily outmatched by those supporting it.