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We will be doing a series of Q&A sessions, related to different topics, over the coming weeks. You can read more about that in last week's dev diary.

In dev diary #159 we talked about the Galactic Community for the first time.

The point of this thread is to gather your questions regarding the Galactic Community in the upcoming expansion and free update. We will be taking your questions and answering them in a dev diary next week.

Only questions related to the topic will be answered, but there will be an opportunity to ask more general questions later.

If you want a greater chance of having your question answered, please keep your questions simple to read, and separated, as that will make it easier to process them :)
How will Awakened Empires, the War in Heaven, and Guardians of the Galaxy interact with the Galactic Community?

Conversely, how will the Galactic Community interact with Awakened Empires, the War in Heaven, and Guardians of the Galaxy?
Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Can't wait to try out all the new stuff you have been preparing for us. I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions for me.

1. How will randomly created AI empires chose an origin? Will it be completely random, or are some more likely to show up than others? If the latter, which logic does it follow?

2. Continuing on the topic of AI - Do the AI personalities have different intrinsic motivations and goals (based on their origin, ethics or civics) on the new diplomatic terrain? Will some of them try to overthrow the galaxy with diplomatic strategy while other seek harmony? Or is the active role more or less reserved for the human player?

3. Will the obvious exploit regarding the mechanic to call in favors be addressed before release? I will quote an example from another thread:
Suppose there are 3 empires in the Council: The UNE, the Kingdom of Yondarim and the Lokken Mechanists.

My mighty Blorg empire want's the Council size to be increased to 4 so that the Blorg get their reightful seat as well. I'm on good relations with the curretn 3 council members, so they will not veto and also vote in my favour and I have no Favours to trade for their votes.

Unfortunately the rest of the galaxy has a much different view of the Blorg and don't want me anywhere near the council and their combined DW is higher then the 4 of us could match.

So the Blorg amabssador on Earth calls the President: "Good morning sir, I'm afraid the Blorg empire has a temporary shortage of Energy Credits. Would you mind giving us 1000 Energy? We would owe you big time!" On the following day the UNE sends 1000 energy in exchange for 10 favours from the Blorg. The same happens on Yondarim and Lokkar.

On the day the senate meets the Blorg humbly abstain from the vote. The UNE ambassador meets the senators from Blorg: "Hey guys, we want to swing this in our favour. Would you mind supporting our cause? And the UNE spends their favours from the Blorg to add the Blorg DW to their own. The result is the same as if the Blorg would have voted "Aye" in the first place, but now they have gotten 1000 Credits for free.

But this is where it get's completely absurd, because the Lokken and Yondarim do exactly the same. Now with three times the Blorg DW in favour of the bill it gets passed and the Blorg have gotten 3000 Credits on top.
Galactic Law
What are some things that are always a breach of the galactic law?
What are the sanctions you can impose on an empire that's in breach of the galactic law? Any more unique and interesting ones that you can disclose?
If an empire leaves the galactic community to escape sanctions will other members get some casus belli against them?
3. Will the obvious exploit regarding the mechanic to call in favors be addressed before release? I will quote an example from another thread:
I think it was mentioned that you could only call in favors if someone wasn't voting in your favor.
How many different categories for resolutions are there?

Related to that, what is the average number (if there is any variance) of choices per resolution category?
I think it was mentioned that you could only call in favors if someone wasn't voting in your favor.
Yes, but this is the case in the quoted example (the Blorg abstain).

Edit: Maybe this will make it more clear.
You are in a mp game with two friends and you want to pass a resolution. You have 1000 diplomatic weight and your friends have 500 each, adding up to a total of 2000 for the three of you.

Unfortunately, the other players have a total of 2800 diplomatic weight and thus your resolution will not pass.

Now you decide to vote to abstain and tell your friends to call in 10 favors to add your 1000 diplomatic weight to their vote - EACH. So each of them now has 1500 diplomatic weight in favor of the resolution, adding up to 3000 in total. You abstain and the resolution gets passed with 3000 vs 2800.
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Will there be a response to the Mid-game crisis like there are with the End-game ones?

Something that popped to mind: Are there multiple "levels" to a GC (beyond community -> council), determining their overall effectiveness, and influence over other Empires?
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Will some resolutions be themed for specific ethics/factions?
(Like xenophiles would want to pass resolutions enforcing free migration and accepting refugees, spiritualist would want to pass resolutions about preserving holy worlds or outlawing AI, pacifists would want to outlaw indiscriminate bombardment or aggressive wars between members, etc.?)

What sort of things can be declared a "threat to the galaxy"?

Can I be declared a "threat to the galaxy" when playing as fanatic purifiers/swarms/exterminators?

What are the mechanical consequences of declaring something a "threat to the galaxy"?

How do subjects interact with the galactic community? Do they always vote with their overlord?

Does being on the council come with some additional perks aside from veto/emergency powers?

How often can you declare a resolution an "emergency"? Is there something stopping you from just spamming emergency declarations?

How effective will it be to assign envoys to the galactic community in terms of vote strength?
Okay I'll keep them more related this time:
  1. Will the galactic community influence factions in any way? Or will laws of the galactic community influence faction behavoir?
  2. Can laws of the galactic community influence leader agenda's and election promises?
  3. Will there be laws that ban certain ship types or weapons?
  4. Will founding the galactic community be based on a bit more that just meeting half of the players? The real UN was very, very simply put the result of two world wars. It wouldn't make a lot of sense if there immediately was the diplomatic will to form this forum (the galactic community) just by meeting a bunch of people.
  5. Will there be events tied to the galactic community?
EDIT: 6. Is leaving the galactic community a permanent decision?
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Would it be possible to trade favours for influence in the trade screen?

What I mean is say I needed to get a lot of favours to pass a bill, I could trade on influence to other empires, in return for votes (at the cost of little to no influence for my own empire), and likewise I could give away favours to other nations in order to boost my expansion/edict capability in exchange for a smaller say at the galactic table.
You have mentioned that the Galactic Community can rally its members against the endgame crises (Prethoryn, Unbidden, Contingency). Will it be able to rally against other crises, like the End of the Cycle, Grey Tempest, Khan, or whatever crises you will add in the future? Will the AI empires actually coordinate their fleets with the player?

What happens to the Galactic Community during a War in Heaven?

How will Fallen/Awakened Empires interact with the Galactic Community? How will other entities (Enclaves, Marauders, Caravans, etc) interact with the Galactic Community?
Are there events tied to the GC? Either in general or when it's in session?

Are sanctions a blanket debuff or do they come in particular types? ie military economic ones reduce military capacity, economic ones damage EC and/or CG and political ones reduce weight etc.

If the council is formed and an GC empire exceeds the influence of one of the council members, is that council member immediately replaced with the new empire or is there some mechanism attached?

Do GC members get opinion maluses for empires that aren't part of it and vice versa?

If a resolution is passed is it possible to recall it some point down the line?

Are all resolutions yes/no options?
Any map-level objects or maybe non-empire entites representing galactic community/federation institutions?
Are non-empire entities (enclaves, caravaneers, raiders) present in galactic community?
Can galactic community force dogpiling global threats (genociders, end-game crysis) ?
Will there be any actual global projects, calling for participation of multiple empires and resulting in formation of map objects?
Actually, can we have non-empire factions that do participate in galactic community, but do not hold territory?
Will there be an independent capital world or system for galactic community? Or is there a host nation, like U.S. is for the United Nations? Are there bonuses and penalties to being a host? Could various empires pull together to build a megastructure serving as the capital?
On the GC:

Can you collapse the galactic community? E.g. lets say I form a hegemony federation and vassalise every other empire in the galaxy. What happens to the GC? Does it just continue functioning? At this point, my Hegemony is the galactic community. It would be cool to get a little popup like "THE DEATH OF DEMOCRACY" and the GC gets dissolved (with options to re-instate it later if any nations break free of their vassal status).

On Crisis / neutrals:

I know there are resolutions to focus AI on to dealing with the 3 end crisis in the game - are there also resolutions to attack the Khan, the Nanites or the End of The Cycle?

Will we be able to pass anti-piracy / anti-space-monster focuses - often the AI leaves pirate bases, crystaline systems, and other "neutrals" alone for a long long time. Could we get a resolution called "Clean up your borders" or something like that? Which encourages AI to target neutral factions more.

On Civil wars/Peacekeeping:

If a civil war or a machine uprising breaks out (a very rare case these days) - can we play the role of Space UN and call an emergency vote to influence the outcome? I.e.:
  1. Support the incumbent (i.e. gives you a free entry into the civil war/machine uprising to put them down)
  2. Support the belligerent (i.e. gives you a free entry into the civil war/machine uprising to support the upstart faction)
  3. Call an armistice - the civil war/ uprising is immediately stopped if the vote is passed, essentially forcing a status quo peace between the civil war factions, or the Machine overlords and the machine uprising.
On the Galactic Market:

I understand that the market will be set up via the GC in 2.6. Will we be able to also vote on _who_ gets to be market leader? because right now there is literally no logic to who gets to hold the market - ive even seen GESTALTS get it! Something like this would be cool:
  1. Vote to establish galactic market (Passes)
  2. Vote on Gal Market Host (Economic power, diplo weight, favours system etc). (Passes)
  3. Gal Market Established
Further, an option to Re-host /reselect a host for the Gal market via resolution would be nice. Otherwise youll get weird cases where someone was a galactic market host then you kick them out of the GC and they're still hosting the stock market for the galaxy (the same galaxy that branded them a pariah).